How To Save Your Game Data When You Change Hard Drives



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Why make it so complicated? And who doesn't have a 2nd Physical drive? 

I have a 160GB WD ATA drive (E: )  that i have dedicated to Steam/HL, HL2,  mods, add-ons,  steam games, etc

Dont have to transfer a thing except moving the drive from my current pc to my next pc.

Its all local. NO DL. no wasted bandwidth. No burning dvd's. NO "clouds".




Easy as pie



Hey Brad, that image of GameKey Reveler has something wrong with it.  I can't read everything.

Can you repost that image for us?

Thanks.  >:-)


Brad Chacos

Done! If you still can't make it out, it must be some sort of problem on your end...



I use GameSave Manager to backup all of my save files. Havn't lost a game save yet (knocks on wood). I keep my steam games on a seperate harddrive so that when I need to do a complete OS wipe, I don't have to worry about reinstalling steam.  Great info tho!



ive lost 1 game save and it was gears of war. that really sucks cuz now i gotta beat it all over again to enable insane mode again. and as for the steam games thing, i have my steam folder on another hard drive too. i dont see why people think it has to be on your c: drive and you have to reinstall every game with each os install. thats just nuts



But the C drive is usually the fastest drive. I know I don't use my Velociraptor for backup duty.



why not just use this ?

ive used it for awhile and it has support for alot of games. it can backup and restore game saves VERY easily



im looking for a way to save my saved games for roller coaster tycoon 3 onto either a disc or hard drive so that when i re format my laptop i can get the games back as my laptop needs re formatting but i dont want to loose any of my saved games, and i was just wondering if this website would work for this, please reply back to me asap,

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