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You need to move. You're obviously paying at least an extra sixty cents a gallon because you are buying it in an expensive neighborhood. You're paying for real estate, not gas. How is the price of gas a real news story? Exactly how many times must they report what you already knew? Alex - contracts for difference specialist.



There's this kid at my school who drove a 2001-2005 Ford F-250 with the notorious Ford Powerstroke (read: gas hog, unreliable as hell). He's a backwoods kind of kid and looks down on everyone driving "rice burners". His truck, a big red lifted gas hog, had been *repoed* back in October, because according to rumor, after paying for diesel, he couldn't make the payments. I wonder if he even had insurance--insurance companies frown on insuring an 8-foot tall truck. Lesson obviously isn't learned, because the backwoods variety aren't looking to trade their Ford and Chevy big rigs (nothing against them except poor fuel economy) for something more economical in relation to gas, because there's a whole section of the school parking lot full of 'em. And they are always gunning their engines.

I am thankful my "ricer" ride, an '03 Acura RSX, gets +/- 35 MPG and maintenance costs are pretty much zilch to boot (I have a friend who will do the dirty work, e.g. change the oil, for help with trig, etc). It gets me from point A to point B, it's fun to drive and yet it's economical. It has potential to be one of those ricer racers, but I don't have a lead foot (usually). I am keeping this baby until I'm out of college, maybe even a few years after the fact.

I *must* say this, I don't know if this is true, but 7-11 gas (Citgo) isn't exactly appetizing for your engine (from what I've heard) and also, there's a reason AM/PM (Arco) usually has the cheapest gas. I usually go with Shell, if I have a choice. Otherwise, Texaco is next on the list. Like I said, I don't know if this is true, but I don't want to risk  a torn-up engine in exchange for saving fifty cents on a fill-up just in case.  Does anyone know if this *is* true???



You are incorrect about Citgo/7-11 gas, as they all basically purchase their gas from teh same source. Gas is pumped around teh country in a pipelin and then loaded onto tanker trucks which deliver to the gas stations. The only difference is the markings on the truck, the quality in the tank is exactly the same. So zippo gas is the same as shell, except you pay more for shell.



living (in exile ... well not exactly) in SoCal, people would be a lot better off letting off the gas pedal a bit (is a kia spectra really suppose to go 94mph???)

anyways I could drive 14miles (7 down 7 back) to costco and save 10cents a gallon and sit idling for a half hour trying to get to the god d*mn pumps and save $1.10 (11gallon tank)  but since i'd have used 3/4 a gallon getting there and back...meh.   happily the gas station 2blks from my house has pretty good pricing consistantly and I like the folks that work there and guys who own it, so I go there.



Wow, these apps are pretty awesome! I still think the best way to save on gas is not drive like a jerk and accoring to the shop were I get my tires in Petaluma, where I'm from, is to check your tire pressure at least once a month to makes sure they're inflated properly... otherwise, you can get less miles per gallon than you should!



I never fully understood why folks get their panties in a bunch about saving (if they're lucky) $0.10 for a gallon of gas.  Yes, gas is too damned expensive.  But on a 15 gallon tank, are you really that concerned about saving $1.50?  Did you just buy a $4.35 Venti Mocha-rino?  Yeah... tell me more about economics, I'm fascinated.  Perhaps you could maybe not do 90MPH on 280 north of Palo Alto. 



But that would be 1.50 per fillup, lets say you fill up once a week, that's not much but it's still 6 bucks a month. Right now every penny counts for some myself. Working for an ISP I can't tell you how often we've gone into queue lately because of people wanting to save 5-10 bucks on their monthly bill.




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