How To Remove Your Personal Information From Background Check Websites



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Outside of HIPAA (which is easy to "bypass") there is no such thing as privacy in the united states of america. Yet it has been this way since the early 80's, but without the abilities and speed of the internet. One can thank two types of organizations for this (both of which have next to zero accountability); their very own united states federal government (and in most cases even down to their county <and even municipality>) levels of government, and also credit reporting agencies.

Yes, welcome to america where life for all citizens has reverted back to say 1984



I hate those sites. It's not anyone's business.



These companies also get information from other companies. Sometimes they will get your information when you subscribe for a magazine, open a credit card, or whatever. I always make sure to read about their policy of information sharing. If they won't give me the option to opt-out, I don't want anything to do with them any further. For things like store discount cards, I use an alias name and address that doesn't exist.

If there could be one law that I could make or propose it would be to obliterate most types of public records and make most types of public records no longer. We save ours and others' privacy, and the state and local governments save $ because they don't need to pay for the people and resources to maintain the records. The *ONLY* thing that should be public are felony convictions, because we need to know if we're dealing with someone who is potentially dangerous. No one needs to know when you were married, or when your house was built and its square footage (per the tax assessor's records). There is absolutely no reason to let the entire world to have access to information they don't need. I have nothing to hide, but I value my privacy. Privacy should be a right, and if it gets infringed upon, someone needs to pay out the ass or even face jail time. 

Basically, we need to HIPAAtize privacy of citizens--holding governments, private entities and individual people legally responsible. I think if a privacy law was composed, it needs to be as stringent (or even more stringent) as HIPAA and it should include the ability to sue for at least $75,000 *per* violation, even if it is something as small as giving your name and phone number away, without your express consent. Sure, Intelius and all these other companies would technically be no longer legal if this was to happen, and thousands will be without a job as a result, but privacy is more valuable, don't you think?



ShyLinuxGuy is on the right track... we need legislation to protect people that are applying for jobs from unnecessary background checks. Sure, a criminal background check is appropriate, but prying into people's social lives and discriminating against them because they have a photo of themselves having a drink at a birthday party is not sound reasoning in rejecting an applicant! I've gone through such measures to erase my online profiles which might have projected me to be a young, fun loving 20 something to help me get a job and now that that's done, I'm still having trouble and I'm certain I know what it is... my credit profile has been marred by relying on my credit card to feed myself through my long and drawn out unemployment. I've been working on some DIY credit repair strategies, but they are quite slow and I need help now. I think the federal government needs to get serious about making it illegal to do a financial background check on someone unless they're applying to work for the Federal Reserve or something where that would be pertinent.



I google my name from time to time

apparently I am a very renowned surgeon in several cities in the US and Austraila go figure!



yeah I did the same and I found out I own a lamborghini sales in Germany..hehehe



How long until these sites make a mistake and get sued?


I Jedi

My only concern is that I have two speeding tickets on my record. Other than that, I'm so afraid of these background searches, that I haven't done anything with my Google + account. I often times do a search on the Internet for my name, just to see if something might be out there. So far, the only thing these companies have on me is my DoB, possibly my phone number, address, and maybe my citations from the past.

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