How to Make that New Smartphone Actually Smart



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Both Maximum PC and Gizmodo are property of Future US, Inc. you can see under the title that it was posted on Maximum PC's website by "Bryan Gardiner", who works for gizmodo. at the bottom it reads "Send an email to Bryan Gardiner, the author of this post, at"

That said everybody should be aware of the difference between MicroSD and microSDHC. even tho they are backwards compatible they are different standards.

"Throw out the headphones or headset it came with. Seriously, none of them are good." thats not always true, and its nice to have a backup.



Actually, Maximum PC is owned by Future US and Gizmodo is owned by Gawker. We have a content exchange deal with them that allows us to republish some of their material, and permits them to republish some of ours.



it's a good article.  put down the haterade.  this has been discussed before.....

" is a content partner with Maximum PC. From time to time you'll see some of their articles appear on our site, and vice versa."



Really mpc? Copy and pasting gizmodo articles?

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