How To: Keep an Eye on Your Hardware with HWMonitor



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Is there an equivalent program for those of use running Ubuntu?



way to take up half the page with your lame ads for your hack website with stolen merchandise.



what about Speccy?


Lhot is Lavalys Everest Ultimate...not only is it just as accurate, but, if your particular hardware configuration DOES have issues with some Everest reading, a simple post on the Lavalys forums will result in Lavalys actually coding a fix for you, more or less on the spot.  The actual time from initial post to recieving a personalized update, is usually 2-3 days....not bad.

Since I can't post an image, here is the link to as much of Everest that my monitor can show, which is about 1/2 of all the left side choices.....

On top of all this, Everest even allows you to easily configure a transparent OSD panel, monitoring just the information you want to see on your desktop.  NO, Lavalys Everest is NOT free, but like HWMonitor has a free (no time limit) trial, which like HWMon hides a few of the readings.



Seraph? That's the name of my laptop, how did you guys hack into my network? 



 Great program, I use it quite frequently to monitor temps of a new build/upgrade to make sure it's running smoothly. Recently upgraded my Coolermaster V8 to a Corsair H70 quite a difference in temps I must say.



I have been using this for some time as a source for temps for a desktop gadget. It's really cool after a gaming session to see my GPU go from about 80 down to 65 real fast.

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