How to Dual-Boot Into the Speedy Joli OS



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Of course to save on time just make an account and log in via the Jolicloud website and interact with some (not all) applications. Not every app runs that way but it'll give you a shot at checking some of it out without even rebooting or downloading anything, and will work on your hardware guarenteed that way through the browser.  Sure Google Chrome has an 'app' that does this, but that's basically a shortcut to just using the regular site that you cuold just as simply bookmark in your brower of choice to do the same.



Not worth the time for me. Such a pain in the @$$ to get broadband connections to work.



I am so irritated with my wireless adapter. It's a USB Linksys WUSB100 G adapter, and it isn't compatable with Linux or Joli. Every dual-booting attempt I've made has been halted by this.



Now THIS is the time to finally use that BitTorrent client of yours. An 706 MB download at 56-70 kB/s with a server based download?? ummm yeah right.

Jolicloud download through uTorrent @1MB/s?? Yes sir. 



Like above, why have we daily readers not seen anything about this before?


also, what would be the best way to triple boot with Win7 & Ubantu? I think it's good to have several OS's on my main rig, either resident, or VM.



Windows Server 2008 R2 on desktop with SSD: 6 second boot.

Windows 8 7989 with hybrid boot on laptop with mechanical disk: 4 second boot.



Horrible. Installed it; failed to find it in the slightest bit intuitive and not much quicker to boot; deemed it only worthy for the facebooking, twittering masses and not for me; uninstalled it.

If you're that desperate to save time then I suggest not social networking at all and simply get on with your life - I wonder how many people will revel in the ability to get onto Farmville, or one of the many time-wasting apps, that little bit quicker...




I could not agree more.

I have an older system in my garage that I tinker with. It has a dual core celeron and 2gb of ram. Joli takes just as long to boot on it as winXP. I did have windows 7 on this machine and it booted slightly faster than XP so I would say Joli would lose against win7. When I tried to install it on my older laptop with a PCMCIA wireless adapter, of course it would not recognize it.

It is not intuitive at all. This is basically a stripped down distro of Linux with a stripped down Gnome interface. I have used various flavors of Linux dating back to Red Hat 7.1 and Slackware 7, and even used small distros simular to this. I never had any difficulty getting around linux, but Joli is just a cluster. Maybe if I owned a smart phone, which the desktop resembles, it would be easier.

The people that would get the most out of this OS, the social networking, farmville playing, angry bird flinging college kids, would not even read Maximum PC and certainly would not be tech savy enough to dual boot a computer.

Sorry MaxPC, you really got it wrong on this one.



I subscribe to the mag and read Max PC DAILY for years. Why am I just now hearing about this? can't wait to go home and try.

Shame Shame you guys.



Um,... I boot into Windows7  in 14 seconds. Don't assume that readers of Maximum PC all have wimpy rigs.



Baer is right.  You shouldn't provide anything that doesn't involve people with high end rigs running Windows 7 on SSD's.  Silly tech magazine website.



Interesting but whats the catch



I have it on my laptop running Ubuntu 11.04 and Joli OS.  Ubuntu for normal stuff and Joli for just web browsing.  I even have it on my desktop for the various times I need to get up onto the internet as fast as I possibly can.

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