How to Back up Everything with SyncBack



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Personally, I don't automate backups. By doing so, you are risking having a virus being automatically backed up and copied onto your important backup drive.

I'm no computer genius, but this seems to completely defeat the purpose of a backup. No?

I just do it manually one every few weeks.



I had tried GFI's freeware backup but it took a bigger system resource hit. It does maintain multiple backups but I like the simplicity of syncback. After this article it's now made it into my toolbox. Thanks.

@newegg911: You're right. Lots of junk does not need backing up. If you've ever lost something important though (pics, family movies etc) and you are not disciplined enough to do the "occasional DVD burn" then an automated backup like this can save much bacon.



I think this was a great article and am constantly looking for better ways to backup all my "junk". I have like 500 gigs of pictures over the last 10 years. I shoot in raw format and thats like 20mb a file (15mp). Then theres all the home videos which is like another 500gb. which even isnt HD video. So thats a good 1tb already of data that I need to back up. If I lost all those pictures and video, those would be a lot of memories down the drain. So my "junk files" are very important to me. I use to use dvds to backup, but since hd prices are so cheap and about 1000 times faster than dvds. Add a second offsite backup and theres a few terabytes. I will admit that without all those media files, my backup would not be so big.



I'm kind of with Newegg on this one.  It just depends on your preference.  I back-up all my old files, pictures, and music to an extra 1TB HDD which is the stuff I'd like to have again if my main drive dumps.  For the uber critical (i.e. my Master's Thesis).  that's synced via Dropbox to the cloud and my laptop.



I'm probably not the market for this and I realize it's probably really useful for a business or something, but I don't understand why most people are so anal about their data. Most people I know have 90% crap that is totally recoverable. I don't have much that is that important that if I lost it it would be the end of the world. RAID 1 and the occasional DVD burn are just fine for me.


Seriously, what is up with you people that have like terabytes and terabytes of crap? Just because there is cheap storage nowadays doesn't need mean you have to keep every last bit of drivel around forever. There's a reason why I don't keep every piece of junk mail and newspaper and random widget



People who take a lot of family photos need too. I regularly take lots of pictures with my 12mp camera. I currently have over 10k images on my HD totally around 33GB. Juggling all that data on DVD's is a major hassle. "Ok...are these backed up? I think...but which disc?" No thanks... and my collection is always growing. I'm not even including my 25gigs of music files and my growing collection of video clips (I also shoot 720p footage that im collecting for a family home video). All told, I have a secondary 1TB drive that is about 180GB full. I'd rather not move that to DVD's. As for RAID 1. It's a terrible backup solution on its own. It protects you from a single drive failure but nothing else. If something (or someone) accidently deleted a bunch of stuff, its gone on your mirror drive to!!!



This is a great software. I use this to backup servers at my work over the network.

Make sure to backup to tape also, over the network is not enough sometimes :)


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