How-To Replace Your Start Menu With Launchy



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Launcy seems pointless.  What motivated Maximum PC to even review this redundant app let alone wax poetic?

Using the Quicklaunch toolbar and/or pinning apps to the  main page of the Start menu seems a lot easier to do - and you don't have to remember what the name is of the application.


Do you guys just run out of things to do?



I use RocketDock in addition to the start menu. easier and cooler than the quicklaunch. (I use XP Pro 32 bit)




I don't freaking get it.  With Windows 7 and Vista, Launchy is BUILT IN.  Win key + start typing.  Why do you need it?



I know one thing, I hate how programs are stored in folders in the Start menu. So annoying.



I use Win 7 search to find files and applications all the time. I have multiple drives (boot, programs, data Etc) and it never takes more than a second or so to find what I am looking for. SO why would I want to add an additional layer? Also, with no glitch free 64 bit goodness why would I even want to try it?

This sounds like something that was great to have, five years ago.



Launchy is a must on Windows XP. Less so on Windows 7, as I just hit the Windows key and start typing. The built in functionality in Win7 is good enough.

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