Xmarks Execution Date Set for January 10, 2011



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Firefox Sync needs to add the option to use profiles like Xmarks.  It was nice being able to sync all my bookmarks except a couple.  It let me leave my work bookmarks at work.



Is xmarks open source?  Any chance I could hack it to work from my own server?


Ignore that, there is a "use own server" setting.  This isnt the end after all.



This makes me a saaaaad Panda!



Boo. x-marks = awesomeness. I only use FF so I'm not too bummed about the whole cross platform deal. Firefox Sync is pretty good too and it looks like it will be built into FF 4, right?



I've been using this for year as well. Love it.

Now that's going away, what do we do now as a replacement!!!!?!!!!???!!!!!??!!??




This really sucks... I parrot some of the blog comments that I've seen which say "why didn't you just ask me if I'd be willing to pay" on the various sites covering this story.

I use this to synch Firefox and Chrome across Windows XP, Windows 7, Ubuntu, Mint, and Chromium, and had beem eagerly awaiting the Firefox 4 update to it. I'm not sure HOW MUCH I'd pay for the ability to synch across all my browsers and OSes, but it's definitely something I'd pay for. I could have gotten behind the scaled costs, say, a fre version that backs up one browser across two compiters, and then two or three more tiers to allow more browsers and/or devices.

But, no one asked me, and i had to get the news in blogs and emails :(


Spencer Taylor

I have been a Firefox (primarily) user for years. X-Marks was actually "Foxmarks" originally and only supported FF. When Firefox added "Sync", it wasn't the greatest, but it is now is very good and the FF app is also a plus for iPhone. Chrome has many extensions with the same funtionality, including Google's own Bookmarks. I wish X-Marks would have held on a little longer because it looks like IE9 is going to be decent, and the new version of Safari is "gasp" good. It would be great to sync btwn. all the browsers. Before, who cared about IE or Safari? Like a lot of things in tech, they were just a hair too early. Rest in peace.



It's the cross-browser backup that has made this so invaluable for me.  I can carry my bookmarks on my phone, my work PC (which uses IE), home PC (Chrome and FireFox).  And I never had to worrk since I always had everything at my fingertips.

You'd think these big-name browsers could at least offer the cross-synchronization since it would make swapping so much easier.  Otherwise, I have to start looking at who gets axed in favor of a single, monolithic browser experience.



I love being able to go from my desktop to my laptop between Firefox and Chrome. This just outright sucks with it going away.



1. Create Service.

2. ???

3. Profit!


Keith E. Whisman

Makes you wonder why they weren't profitable. LOL..

What bothers me is that these guys were able to get investers.  

I just checked out the website, not a single advertisement anywhere. They didn't even try to make money.


Whats even funnier is that buyers were quickly scared off by the business model. Good!

This would be a good deal for a profitable company such as MS or Apple or even to be merged with the Mozilla website.

This could be a great service, but not a stand alone business. 

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