Windows XP is now Officially off Limits to OEMs



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...between some Windows-users and Apple-users. And a few other things of course.



....yet again you choose to flame and not respond to the topic posted...does your mind function properly?  If you don't like MY choices that's fine...I DO....and so far am verging on 700$  richer for it...DX10  was nothing....DX11 is also ...pretty much nothing to write home about...XP is still faster  plays  DX10 and DX11 games, albeit with out 300$ to 700$ worth of OS's that provide very very very slightly better grfx.

You can all keep spending your hard earned money on these new MS OS's  till you're living in a gutter for all I care...sure Vista and Win 7 run 64bit  which IS an improvement....but not one worth the money they are asking.

...and before you jump on the 700$ figure ....I was referring to Vista and then Win 7  with that number. 

...and then there's the fact that MS  could have ported 64 bit support and DX10 and DX11 to XP as well....but they wouldn't be laughing all the way to bank, which I'm sure they enjoy  :/

P.S.  The main reason I post in these topics is not to prove anyone wrong, a point you have obviously missed completely....but rather to prevent folks from wasting money  for no reason what so ever.

When you can boot your glorious Win 7 COMPLETELY to where task manager is showing 99% system 17 seconds,  like I can on my old outdated  Win XP   then come talk to me.

...and I can run Crysis, in all its a very respectable frame rate as well,,,  lmao


P.S.S  We are all in the worst economy yet, aside from the depression and ALL software devs are moving to a chapter by chapter, OS by OS model, when they COULD afford to wait it out, unlike most consumers.

THAT IS THE POINT I'M TRYING TO MAKE.  DON'T FALL FOR THE HYPE...aside from the point that a very small number of companies actually NEED 64 bit support and ever so slightly smoother edges on their graphics...everyone is being led down a primrose I need food, clean clothes, car, and car insurance or do I NEED 3 30 inch monitors so I can see a display one foot in front of me?

lastly, Ill say it again...keep your files on YOUR computer or an external HDD, putting them in the CLOUD is the same as posting them all on is much harder for a hacker to attack and steal information from 10 million individual PC's than it is to attack a few large server farms....wake up and smeel the coffee folks  :)




If there's any real reason to stop this, it's so that people can finally upgrade to a Windows with a better (You can troll all you want about this *nix users) security model. Plus it would force programmers to stop thinking they have admin rights to the computer because Windows Vista/7 won't like it anymore (which I would argue is probably reason #1 that a lot of programs broke on Vista)



...the people SPEAK, and it looks to me like they are NOT too happy.  Kudos MaxPC on printing it like it IS, and at the same time....keeping out of the line of fire.   :)

This my friends is called is called QUALITY reporting.

P.S.  I love....from the comments posted in most of these Windows OS topics....that you can almost smell the fear of the STILL present and godly Windows XP.  Wonder why that




What fear? The only thing that I've come across in any story like this one, are people like you who refuse to let go of the old and the out of date. And instead of sitting off to the side and "chuckling to yourself at all the morons" you have to try and tell us we're all wrong. You're just as bad as a Mac troll!

Most of the comments that I've read, are from people praising Windows 7.



Microsoft needs to grow some balls and shut XP completely down. People shouldn't be allowed to use a new key for an old OS. Big companies should upgrade their computers for crying out loud~!! Enterprise quote, "There's literally several thousands of computers in our buildings spread throughout the globe. To us it would not be a smart investment. We have not plans of leaving XP until we're forced to." Think of all the money you'll be spending trying to keep it going on top of security breaches. :p As for Susie with a 11 year-old computer she still thinks is worth something, upgrade dammit! lol



Anybody who knows what the proper direction of UP is, knows that

win 7 is actually vista sp2

had they taken the time to properly beta test vista it would not have gotten the bad reviews it did.

They pushed an immature OS out into the wild before making sure it had even basic compatiblity with industry standards. Offered little legacy support for ANY hardware that would/should have been expected to be present like a simple frakkin printer that if you werent on the "approved" list, too bad. WTF?  We all lived it, and wondered if they were indeed pushing us to linux as a proper OS.

With a couple of years of actual beta testing, yes I was on the beta to, we finally got the support for all the PC hardware that everybody actually has instead of what bill gates told us we could have.

Is 7 superior? IN my opinion yeah, its a proper 64 bit os that is not nearly as flakey xp 64 bit was, it eliminates the need for constant work arounds to support a true 64 bit system and runs older stuff near seemlessly with no nags. Should it have been a "new" os? NO, its true name should have been vista SP2 like xp sp2 or 98 sp2 or 98 me. They used the same kernel and basic system there fore were named the same, vista and 7 offer no divergence from each other and should honestly be the same OS just SP patches applied.



Be sure to mention that consoles are killing pc gaming, 1080p is teh lowrez, and that you have three 30" panels from way back in 2006, like every other PC forum troll.



Vista has a Service Pack 2... It's called, believe it or not, Vista service pack 2.



Windows XP has been a reliable and great Windows OS, but it's time has come and gone and people need to get with the program and move forward.  Vista isn't a bad OS, it's just hyped to be bad by the jackasses that didn't understand it and/or didn't want to figure out the learning curve of the new OS and new kernel it used compared to the XP and previous legacy systems. Windows 7 is basically Vista with some minor tweaks yet everyone fawns all over it while dissing Vista. Not very bright people I suppose.  I loved XP but I've never had a problem with Vista and don't plan to move to 7 until the machine I use comes with it, and I'll probably just dual boot it with Linux being my primary OS anyway.



no way. 7 isnt perfect but its 10 times more solid than XP ever could have been. My thrashed 7 instaall is steadier than clean isnatall of XP



I finally ditched XP a month ago. I like Windows 7, but it's not nearly as stable as XP. I've been using XP for so long without issue, I had forgotten what using Windows used to be like! It had been a while since I'd seen a blue screen.



I really liked XP, but I think it IS time to move on. For all those who are now sobbing, take comfort in knowing that you can downgrade til 2015. Other than that, you have been screwed!

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