Windows 7 Smartphone? QCosmos Ultra Mobile Device Unveiled at IDF



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What video card will it have?



ever since sony stopped making the ux series i have wanted a small computer again, they are very useful! can fire up emulators, run native pc games and you dont need to learn a new interface! i loved it! and so easy to pack! the problem with all the good ones since is that they never had a phisical keyboard AND a resolotion higer than 600x480, so retarded!



This could be an amazing step forward.
Honestly, if this does well, than I think the iPhone will have a run for it's money, ESPECIALLY seeing as how  the iPhone 4's antenna problem.



haven't we seen devices in this form factor fail time and time again? The PSP Go, the OQO, the "palm top PC" and the list goes on... The only one that comes tom mind that was even a marginal success was the sidekick.


so I guess the question is... why? (though having it run fill win7 is a boon to syncing the device over iOS or Android I imagine)

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