The Windows 7 Family Upgrade Pack Returns For a Limited Time



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This great. Win 7 is a very good operating system *ducks the stons and torches thrown by the angry villagers* but let's be honest, it's not as great as microsoft is asking with its pricing schema.

Sadly, this catches me at a time I have zero money to spare :(

but yeah, You can run win7 comfortably on most things with 1ghzX1gb, I have found, if you're willing to tolerate a bit of lag. (it's still better if you have a vid card with discrete memory though than an onboard solution, but what isn't?)



Bullocks, checked Microsoft online ...nadda



Read the entire article. It is on sale in the US only. All the other countries on the list (including Canada) Will be able to purchase the combo on the 22nd of this month.



If you think your PC is too old, I installed Win7 on a 2.4 Ghz P4 with nVidia 5500 fx graphics card with 2 GB of RAM and it runs better than it did with XP, IMHO. So if you think its going to be too bloated to run, I think you'd be surprised. 



It's always a good idea to run the compatibility wizard first, just to make sure. Cause you never know, you might have some component on your mobo that's not compatible, such as an older SATA port or sound chip.

Also a good idea to check on driver availability for all your peripherals, like printers, scanner, etc., as many older devices don't have compatible drivers and simply won't work. This is especially true if you're going with the 64-bit version. Sometimes XP drivers will work, but not always.

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