We Head to Best Buy to Snap Pics of Nvidia's Own Branded Fermi Cards



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I read an article about this yesterday. The cards are being made  by Foxxcon. If I'm wrong, which I don't think I am, then someone please correct me :D



They'll be underclocked, have less memory, fewer pipes, inferior cooling, and will be identified in such a way as to completely confuse the consumer into thinking they are getting a good deal when in fact they are not.  Oh, and they'll be priced higher than more capable cards that you can find online.  They'll be a good deal when they go on clearance...




Isn't that true for 92.5% of everything that's available at "Best" Buy??



More like 99.8%



Reminds me of STB/3dfx.  That was one of the worst possible moves 3dfx could have made.



and the geek squad will install it, set it up, and update drivers for $149!

the biggest rip off ever.




Looks like nVidia didn't get the memo.

Piss of partners and start selling under your own brand. 




Zachary K.

my best buy has cards 2-3 generations old, they don't have any of the new stuff. and they are overpriced, newegg #1.



I was wondering about who was actually making the cards too. The first picture in the article shows the GTS 450 priced at $199. I checked Newegg and they are selling for $130 - $150 and some of them are overclocked too. I guess this really isn't a surprise.



I doubt this will matter as anyone with half a brain who builds computers or at least does their own upgrades will just shop for their parts online. Really, what moron buys current gen computer internals from Best Buy? Portable HD's and other peripherals I can see, sure. But anything that requires actually opening the case and "tinkering", I mean is there really even a market for that with POS retail stores like BB?



The only thing Best Buy is useful for is last minute purchases of things like thermal paste or fans, things which cost more than they're worth to ship from a place like Newegg.



Actually... I bought a couple things from best buy on my current build. My Radeon HD 5870 came from BB. I got it for $399 while everyone else including newegg was marking them up $30-$50 because of demand. I also got my corsair h50 from best buy because they had it in stock at the same price I would have paid at newegg, except I got free shipping at best buy through rewards zone and even used a $20 reward zone credit.

While I admit, BB isn't usually the best place to go when looking for smoking deals or cutting edge computer parts, sometimes they might surprise you.



Huh? I really can't stand Best Buy, but I have no idea why a product would become necessarily inferior by virtue of being on their shelves. It's been a [long] while, but I have bought graphics cards from BB on more than one occasion. If they have what I need, I'd rather have it in my rig within an hour than wait a week and/or pay shipping. 



BB tacks on a few bucks to make more money to cover the overhead of a storefront and useless (sorry if anyone here works there) employees wandering the isles.  It isn't just $2, but more like $50.  I can wait a couple of days for a video card (or whatever).  I never wake up in the morning thinking I must have a new bit by the end of the day, though I can understand when something fails all of a sudden.  It may be necessary then, but I have not had that happen and I also have a closet full of parts I can use in a pinch.  I would rather wait a couple of days for the Egg to ship.  They treat me pretty well, so I reward them with return business.  Haven't been to BB in a while, but I don't think I can remember when I thought they treated me well. I always got the feeling that they were on the edge of accusing me of something.  Anything.  Just a feeling.

Newegg rocks.




So now Nvidia is going to compete with its own vendors to bring these products to market?! I understand the need for more revenue for this struggling graphics giant, but it seems like a bad trade off unless they wanted to increase tension with companies like EVGA.

At the same time, this will increase competition in the line of cards already available.

The go-it-alone attitude and hubris reminds me a bit of Sony around the same time the tube television tech went the way of the dinosaur.



ATI did this for awhile, though I believe Sapphire produced most, if not all, of the "Built by ATI" cards back in the day. It'd be interesting to know if Nvidia's actually making its own cards, or tapping into a board supplier to provide the parts.

-Paul Lilly



I don't see there being any chance that nVidia is making these cards themselves when they don't even make their own chips. It would be expensive to build an assembly line and would make much more sense to just have one of the hundreds of OEMs that do this sort of work do it fo rthem.

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