ViewSonic Officially Joins the Tablet Fracas with the ViewPad 7 and ViewPad 10



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I would only want a tablet if I had a cigar jacket, a big throne-y chair, an abundance of money, and scotch.



The 10 in version is listed on the KMart website for $380! see for your self

I don't know when you will actually be able to buy it, but its there. The specs look good and the price is right.



The one at KMart isn't the same as the 10' here. It has a Tegra 2, fairly certain windows doesn't run on that. Plus, it has android 2.2, not the 1.6 in the article. It's also just over half the price of the 10 inch here. Still looks like a steal though, hope it has the full market on it.



Thanks for the info! And it even comes with the powerful Tegra2 processor. The price is super reasonable - this will definately make me think 2x before purchasing an iPad next year. I've always been impressed with Viewsonic quality - have had many of their monitors over the past year.

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