Video Game Awards Usher In a Ton of new Game Trailers & Announcements



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They should give an award to the trailer with the best gameplay footage.


Oh, wait.



Hey all, just thought I'd mention that we do have a few other details about Skyrim floating about...

1st and most reliable bit of info is that the game will be running on an all NEW engine!  No Gamebyro, no Id Tech 5, it's an in-house all-new engine!

2nd, which is partly speculative, is that there's a good possibility Skyrim might be the first Elder Scrolls MMORPG.

2 Major factors:

1st, there was talk from Bethesda in 2006-2007 about them working on an MMO title, of course, they never have said what that title was.  But they did say it was roughly 4-5 years out from release.  And lo and behold!  ~5 years later we have a release date for TESV!

2nd, Bethesda has said they turned down the option to use the Id Tech 5 engine because they needed a more "open world".  More open than Rage?  That could indicate they want to go MMO.


Dan O.



If they make ES5 straight MMO, I'll be so very sad. We've already got enough MMO's we don't need any more.


If its primarily single player, with an online component, then maybe... take your SP char online. But if it's 100% online, I'm avoiding it altogether, and that would make a sad panda...



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Mighty BOB!

I disagree with your assertion that ME2 was a big improvement over ME1.  It was a step backwards in a lot of respects.  It is still pretty fun but it is missing the charm of the first game.  The teaser for ME3 was totally wicked though.  I'm cautiously optimistic that ME3 will rein in some of the changes in ME2 (they've stated they're bringing back more RPG elements that were cut from ME2) and be a fitting finale.  They said they received excellent feedback from ME2 and it's DLCs and that the most recent DLC, Lair of the Shadowbroker, is a new quality standard for their dialogue and writing.





Which game are you most looking forward to?


HL2 - Ep. III, or HL3, whatever they've decided to call it. I don't know why though, HL2 was one of my most favorite games of all times, but Ep I and Ep II really didn't do much for me... too much of a wait, not enough story for the price paid, very little new brought to the table graphically. I'm expecting the same from Ep III. Hopefully Valve will prove me wrong and not take 4 more years to get it out?


And what the hell's going on with all this spam?



Damn! Can't wait for ESV, ME3, or portal2. They all look freaking awesome


I Jedi

I am a huge Batman fan, and the Arkham Island game was fucking amazing, if I may use such colorful words to describe a fantastic game. Secondly, I got to hand it to Mass Effect 3 for a great trailer this time around. Finally, they announced that ME3 was going to happen, and it is quite honestly one of my most favorite game series of all time. When I first built my gaming rig, the game I chose to play first was Mass Effect, and I've never regreted the decision to play the series since that time. Finally, Portal 2 looks to be another mind-teaser, and I can't wait to feel like a complete retard at some parts, and only to later solve it and feel like a complete genius again. I'm looking forward to all three of these games for next year. The order in which I want them first? Batman: Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, and Portal 2. Looks like I'm going to have to start saving up, yes?

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