Video First Look: WiebeTech's USB Write Blocker



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Bullwinkle J Moose

Or you could just grab a $5 SDHC to USB Card Reader and a Fast 16GB SDHC Card for $50 and have 16GB of Read Only Memory on a thumbdrive for a grand total of $55

Sounds like a better deal to me....

or if you need more drive space than that, there are REG tweeks to make a portable USB hard drive Read Only and REG tweeks to make the USB port read/write again when you are done (Reboot Required)

But don't feel bad Gordon, there are plenty of worse options for read only USB memory out there, like the cheap thumbdrives with built in encryption...

You use it once and it goes read only on you so that your only options are;

1. Send your encrypted data back with the thumbdrive for a refund or replacement


2. Destroy the thumbdrive as it cannot be switched back to read/write so it is now worthless!




First a word to the editors.  Will you please institute some kind of user based notification of spam????? If you get X indications of spam you could automatically dump them.  If not X, then look at it.

Now for my comment!  I have an old (and I do mean old) 125 MB (yes thats MB not Gig) stick that has a little swithch on it.  When I want to make sure nothing gets overwritten, I move the switch to locked.  Why don't we have something like this now??




In the time it took to make the video, you could probably implement a WORKING SPAM FILTER.



Interesting device, I had no idea this even existed. Great idea on how you use it!


Thank Gordon!


Keith E. Whisman

Excellent video and really neat and useful tech. Thanks for the video Gordon.. 

Gordon can you co a video rant?



OH MY GOD YES! Hey Gordon...surely you are familiar with that terrible show called Tosh.0....fuck that. Where's the Gordon Ung.0? Gordon own TV show anybody?

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