Video First Look: Asus Sabertooth X58 Motherboard



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Keith E. Whisman

The transitions are missing. But compared to the other videos here, this is the best effort yet. I actually like the different shots, that actually took planning and a lot of creativity. 


Keith E. Whisman

You know that I love you guys, but I have to be a critic here and say, that video has some potential when it's done. As it stands that video sucks, it's not finished and it was rushed out to theaters. 



I loved it -give me more... MORAAAA



Still not gonna pronounce their name uh-suess. For me, its been A-siss for a decade and it's not gonna change, sorry A-siss!



Concur with enjoying the videos, especially if discussed on the podcast. However, Most of us made better quality videos on or home PCs before YouTube even existed. What's up with the very poor encoding quality of the video and the terrible synch to audio during the PCI slot closeup description?


Seriously, if I can make a significantly higher quality video on home with my Kodak HD cheapo camera (not even talking about real HD video cameras, or even DSLR cameras) and a three year old laptop, I'm sure you can do better here. Concur with the lighting too. Maybe the Ultra-hot but not so bright lights from the local store aren't the best. 


P.S. Pizza.



I love the idea, but needs some work...



What the heck is up with the encoding on this video? And who editted this? I can see the intent on some of the edits, but the execution is pretty bad... and that's compounded by the poor encoding of the video.



Unless my ears deceive me, Gordon says "and for a $300 motherboard..." near the end of the video.




Great job guys.  These hands-on videos are really setting you above other sites.  With my little build experience I'd like a few more closeups but otherwise well done.

Unless it's my system, I think you could use just a little more set light.  I think another run to Lowes is in order. ;-)



Is it me? Or did Gordon actually forget to post the article?

I see nothing where actual text and picture should be.



Check to see if you have plug-ins enabled. The title does say "Video First Look" in it.

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