Trane Announces Badass Thermostat at CES



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This thing looks nice, but if it doesn't support Insteon or X10 than it's useless.



The future of home control lies in the Z-Wave and ZigBee standards, in my opinion. Z-Wave has the lead right now, but ZigBee is an IEEE standard and can't be counted out. Insteon is pretty good, but it's very proprietary and is built on top of X10. X10 is old and unreliable. The major lighting-control manufacturers--Leviton, Cooper, et al--all support Z-Wave.



What about humidity and dew point?


Keith E. Whisman

Can it play Crysis? 


I would rather use a remote thermometer for outside temps because the temps can be drastically different from those reported depending on your location in distance and relation to the reporting temp location. I'll take the temps right outside my house. I would love to be able to control my A/C over the internet though. Perhaps link the Thermostat to the security alarm so that if the alarm goes off in the summer, the heat will come on full blast or in the winter have the A/C come on full blast to make the bastard burglars as uncomfortable as possible during their stay at my Home. Would also like to have the thermostat password protected so the wife and kids can't mess with my settings that I have carefully calculated to produce an optimum climate year round for the best in comfort. 

BTW, Why hasn't anyone designed a thermostat with a Clapper built into it so you can adjust the temperature by clapping your hands to turn it on, clap your hands to adjust the temps, and clap your hands to turn it off. They'ed probably get sued by one armed people I guess, and we all know there are lots of one armed people. And people that haven't mastered the fine art of clapping. 



I'm fairly certain the phrase "badass thermostat" has never been used before...



Where can I get one, and how much?

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