TDK Shows New Audio Lineup at CES



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 Love this kind of review.Please by all means keep em' coming.


Joe The Plummer

Go here for official info on these cool devices:





Keith E. Whisman

And what about it being in the ruff or it being too rough? Or better yet, when can you get away with using your and you're? I was up all night trying to figure this stuff out. Wait a minute, shouldn't that be stough?


Keith E. Whisman

I wish they would build a Boom Box with a hot swap style system for a standard SATA 2.5" laptop drive in a slot in the back of the thing. Or better yet, just build the thing with a freaking laptop HDD for storage. Needs a touch screen OLED display on the front for control. Finger swiping for volume control and radio tuning and MP3 Browsing. The display would be awesome if it were big enough to display music videos and movies. Hell even web browsing would be  great with the ability to enjoy Youtube and other video websites like Hulu for online movies. It's not like this boom box isn't big enough for all that and how on earth can you possibly overload a boom box that weighs 30pounds already.

And why is coffee spelled C O F F E E but cough is spelled C O U G H? Shouldn't it be C O F F? Or C O U G H I E? Why? Please just answer that one question, it's keeping me up at night. I just toss and turn. I have to know.

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