T-Mobile: Sorry Modders, We Locked the G2 for Your Own Good



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Wouldn't this be a violation of the open license that android is published under!



Thanks for the great article.



They said similar things about the Droid 2... it took them a while to root it, but they got there.



HA HA! Yeah...unrootable. I give Cyanogen five days, maybe a week and a half, tops. If HTC and T-Mobile have a way to work on these phones, they're going to be found out and exploited. Let's face it, if the T-Mo tech support guys can go in and fix the phone's firmware, then we're going to figure out how to do it.



An OS based on open source user adaptation being locked down on a rom so that you can't do exactly what started the project, linux, that made it's OS possible...Ironic...Part of what makes an Android based phone of interest to technology savvi people is the fact they can mod it to do what they please and it's not the apple devil.  I hope this is just a learning phase not becoming the rule.  It it does become the rule Andriod will die in my eyes and I will continue searching for an OS I can call my own.


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if the OS is stored in ROM how do official updates get pushed? or is it going to end up like the G1, ditched before it's first birthday?



Congratulation, you've been promoted. From now on you may read any articles you want and skip articles you don't want read about.



No one has ever been able to release a gadget that is unhackable. Time and time again even the best attempts eventually fail leaving companies who go this route looking foolish. 


Captcha still sucks



but was holding back until the phone was rooted.  I guess I still am but now if something equal or better comes along, without these restrictions from the carrier, I'll have to get that instead.  Or maybe they will have a firmware release without all the crapware installed, that I don't want running on what is supposed to be "MY" phone.  Maybe when Gingerbread comes out.  I won't hold my breath.



As stated in the article, the only reason I'm toughing it out for at least two years with a Motorola Cliq is because I was able to root it from stock Android 1.5 (such and outdated phone) to Android 2.1. It runs very well surprisingly and rarely slows down in performance. If I couldn't do that, I would be trying my hardest to get a new phone. I really like what the G2 has to offer but if you can't apply a custom ROM to it I would have to say that is a definite "NO" in my book.



As much as they say that there has to be a way to overwrite it with custom firmware otherwise there would be no way to apply HTC/T-Mobile issued OS updates if the parts that would be modified are in ROM as the code that modders hack is some of the same code that official updates touch.-

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