Study Links TV/PC Time to Psychological Disorders in Kids



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*sigh* I wish they'd knock off all these "studies". They're just getting obnoxious. How many studies have they done over the years to prove how bad TV and video games are for kids, just to have an opposing organization come out and post figures that completely refute the first guys' study? It's just a circle of neverending "You're wrong!" "NO U!!"...



Correlation does not imply causation. It sounds like there is more of a relationship between "being sedentary" and psychological problems than between TV/PC time and problems. No kidding. Self assessments are poor measures as well. 



I agree.  How was this study conducted?  A random sampling of 1000 kids?  What was the control?  Did they note behaviour from the sample with reduced screen time, then added screen time to determine effect?

Sounds like another bunch of loser scientist wannabes doing piss poor science and releasing it as a study.  That is, if they just took a sampling of kids and asked them a bunch of questions.

It could very well be that the increased screen time is indicative rather than causative.  I know it is for me.  When I was a little'un many, many, many moons ago I was even more of an introvert (what they seem to be expressing as a "peer problem") than I am now.  Even so, I did not watch TV...I read books.

I fail to see the correlation between screen time and unhappiness...unless they're unhappy at the time 'cause they're not in front the screen.  I guess if they watch news all the time they could get seriously depressed.  But these emotions need to be taken into context.  You cannot extract something like screen time from the overall environment and point to that as causative.  That's just really bad science and playing around with statistics.


Keith E. Whisman

how about those of us that have a mentality of an 11year old? So that's whats wrong with me.



Wow. That's bad considering I think the average Maximumpc follower does around 5-20 hours a day.


P.S. I remember while playing Dirt 2, being able to use the flash backs to correct mistakes, I kind of messed up driving and got stopped for speeding and was genuinely confused as why my flashback wasn't working. It took me awhile to get there bust you should have seen that cops face. Of course he made me blow into a breathalyzer.

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