Sour Apple Stresses Warranty Violations to Would-Be Jailbreakers



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Apple is successful because they cater to (an overwhelmingly large) non-technological market.  At the same time, they have successfully marketed themselves as a "fashion statement".  You're "cool" if you parade around with your fruity device.  

It's the classic Jocks vs. Geeks scenario.  

As much as I hate Apple and despise there business practices, they have every right to operate how they want to.  And they'll continue to be successful at it, as long as consumers are willing to be spoon fed.  If I was running a company, I would protect my warranty aspects as well. <- Devils Advocate view

Those who Jailbreak their phones TYPICALLY have a little knowledge of technology.  They also know (for the most part) how to hide the fact they have voided their warranty [re-flash a legit firmware from a recovery menu].



whoa....jihad much?



Apple has every right to deem that jailbreaking would void their warranties. Firmware and software changes can allow such things as overclocking the processor - which in turn, could damage the hardware innards. Such as the new Palm Pre firmware hack that allows overclocking the Pre's 600MHz processor to 1000MHz for instance - if you're not careful, you could fry the chips.



Screw Apple

Screw Captcha



"Screw Captcha"

Whine, whine, bitch, bitch



Steve Jobs would do well to consult this little thing called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act before making such comments.

Apple cannot legally void your warranty for jailbreaking unless they can demonstrate that the act of jailbreaking the phone caused the damage in question.



Thats a good point but most likely Apple would say it did and you would have to take them to court over it.



But I have to say, their pure, unrivaled, condecending attitude towards their customers has taken me to the point where it over-rides any desire I may have to own any of their products any longer.

I was planning on an iPhone later this year.  Between Apple's antics and AT&T taking away unlimited access, I think I'm looking towards the Sprint HTC 4G now.

This new Bill/Ruling needs to be amended.  Yes, absolutely, if the customer makes a hardware change to the device then the warranty should be void.  One cannot question that.

But a simple software change?  In no way should a warranty void be allowed for something that has nothing to do with the hardware warranty on the device.

The Apple BS is really getting thick these days.  Maybe it IS time for Jobs to move along.  He's becomming a nasty, crotchety old man.



If you read up and study your history of apple you will see that Steve Jobs has never been a nice guy or even a pleasent one to work with or for.  He is just a nasty person in general. 



It's all those years of experimentation and drug abuse!

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