Sony Reshuffles eBook Reader Lineup with New Specs



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Keith E. Whisman

I owned a Sony touch Ebook for about 2hours and took it back because of the shear reflectivity of the display. It was like looking at a mirror image or when you look into a lake to see the fish and all you can see is your reflection in the water. It's that crazy. 

I thought that it had a lot going for it but the reflective screen just destroyed any chance it had. What good is an Ebook you can't read from and why bother building a non reflective display that ignores your best attempts to remove reflectivity. 

Well my question is now, with this new batch, did Sony fix it's screen reflectivity problems? If so then these are going to be great deals because the Sony readers really do kick a lot of ass.



 I have NOT heard much good about any of the "touch screen" readers from SONY. One of the things that the E-Ink Pearl display is FOR is to give better contrast to the dimmer display that a touch overlay causes. Perhaps the reflectivity on the old one was to increase contrast.

  I WILL be buying a SONY reader with a touch display (especially with Pearl) AS LONG AS the contrast is better than my old SONY 505 reader... If you look at the screenshots (and there are lots) from Engadget, NONE of the screens show any hint of a reflective screen, whew! And they do say they have more contrast.

Funny thing is that I could care less about a touch screen...

PS CNet's review metions specifically that the new touchscreens are NOT reflective...


Keith E. Whisman

Sounds like a good contender against the kindle heavy weight champion, especially with the reflection problems dealt with. 

So will you still need a light source for this or are they finally going to build something with a light built into it so you can read it without disturbing the partner in bed next to you?

I'm reading Herman Melville's classic books Moby Dick and Billy Budd on my Kindle 2 right now for my college English Comp 101 class and reading a book on it is just freaking sweet. 

If your going to do an official review of it then you should purchase it brand new. If your just getting one for own personal use, then I suggest holding off and checking out Craigslist. People get these things as gifts all the time and decide they don't want them and sell them pretty much new, so you can save a buck. Even a millionaire can agree with me on this, if it's saves it's money it's better. Besides I think buying slightly used on craigslist is the green thing to do. Fewer readers will be produced and gone to waste.

But I'm sure everyone is starting to get tired of my preaching.

Perhaps an article can be written on technology deals on craigslist. 

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