Sony’s War Against Unofficial PS3 Hardware & Software Continues to Heat Up



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On a side note, inane updates like 3D functionality should be optional.  I don't own a 3D television.  I don't want a 3D television.  A gaming console capable of displaying 3D images is of no real value to me.  All it does is add further bloat to the system.




yeah i gave up on sony after they made the ps3 and ditched my ps2 for a xbox 360 which i think is better than sony. GO MIRCOSOFT!!!!!!!!!



Yup. Think I'm done with Sony. Frankly, I hope the rumor that Sega is coming back to making consoles next gen is true. If so, I'm hopping back on their bandwagon and leaving Sony in the dust. If not, I think I may be converting to Nintendo... I already like the DS (that I got this year) better than my PSP (that I've had for several years)...



Yay, Sony. Way to go!


Seriously, this is just another example of when a company is big enough, and once they've sold enough product, they can basically screw their paying customers however they so choose.


How is this any different from M$ jacking XBL prices a few weeks ago?



If these things hadn't been available at launch this would be a non issue as we all would have viewed it as another console. It seems that part of the draw to the PS3 was the extra options you had to use it the way you wanted to; gaming console, media center, etc. Taking away something a person could do, even if they never used the feature, will cause the person to feel cheated.



Am I the only one here who really doesn't give a damn? I always saw the PS3 as a game console first and everything else second. And all those secondary features I couldn't really give a damn about because... oh wait. I have something called a PC that does all of those secondary features for me! Why do you need your PlayStation 3 to do all the crap listed?

Want a media server? Build a cheap $300-$400 machine and use MythTV, Windows Media Center, or something else. Put your movies/music on a HomeGroup (if the other computers are Windows 7) or some other method of sharing.

Want your emulators too? PC emulators I would argue are much more mature than console ones.

Besides, have you people even tested out which devices are locked out? Go on, try it. I seriously doubt that the keyboard driver is locked out. Or the mouse driver. Or the mass storage driver. You can come back and complain the Sony locked out all your peripherals when you've tested them.

Excuse me while I go apply a wall or desk directly to my forehead now.



I just recieved a PS3 as a gift about 8 months ago, and now I want to sell it on E-Bay. I havn't bought a single game for it because the games all suck. I was using as a media server, but now what, I can't plug a usb keyboard or thumb drive into it now! Sony: &*$#ck you!




Sony continues to alienate their customer base. When the next round of console wars heats up I have a feeling sony is going to look back on the decisions their making now with some regret. You can't burn your hard core customers time and again without some repercussions.



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This really isn't a surprise when they announced the warning for exploding counterfeit controlers and that they were going to disable them. So of course 3rd party controlers are going to suffer some collateral damage.



Sony it is going to happen, just let it happen, I remember back in the day sony try to stop people from copying there cds (what a joke that was, people got passed it so easy).....Sony lower the price for PS3, and the games, then people will buy the games!..........Sony just let it happen!



This is just gonna be like DRM...easily broken but for those who live with it...75% of their USB devices will not function correctly and a lot of people were being sarcastic (because they would not be insane enough to do that) they were gonna drop USB device support after the whole "other OS" backfire.

But here we are lol

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