Smartphone display testing: Which is Best?



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The really big deal with OLED displays, IMO, is their deep blacks. It is something you just cant get with LCD displays. Also...I am really surprised about the Droid. As a Droid owner I never really considered the display to be top-tier...certainly not better than the Galaxy S. Its very nice, but if I had a choice, I would rather have SuperAMOLED. 



Wow, that was a really nice table. I didn't know the Droid also used an IPS display - and had better colors than the retina display. I didn't know the older iPhones only employed a 16-bit color panel. I always thought the colors were amazing on the 3GS. I'm not sure about the comments on the iPhone4's weak colors though. Cuz on mine, on the homescreen atleast or when browsing the web, the colors just "pop" out at you. The colors do seem weaker when looking at photos though. Perhaps it is software related as to how Photos processes/renders JPEG/BMP files?



Great article.  In the real world, the Samsung Galaxys Super Amoled screen displays much much better than any other screen I've used.  Even my iphone4 buddies would agree.  If you own the sgs, download the Samsung HD - The Beauty of Nature HD video.  It will blow your mind.

The thing that I still can't get over is how black the blacks are.  It's actually not lit so it is technically pure black.  Even my LCD tv doesn't have infinite contrast ratio.  Sammy actually spoiled me real bad with this one.  Now I can't go back to any other display technology.

PS - LG makes the retina display for apple because LG is the sole producer of the IPS(In plane switching)LCDs 

It seems like these days Samsung is the king.  Dont mess with the big boy. ^_^ If they really wanted too, and put all their resources into it they can own any segment of the industry.  They've just been playin nice.



Last I researched, the makers of IPS are: LG, Hitachi, and Hanspree.

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