Silverstone's latest case goes to 11



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I think I've just seen my next case.....



You may be disheartened to find out it's typically over $500 or so in the EU (where it's already on sale) with the current exchange rate...


Something like 300+ Pound was what I saw it at last...


It's a hefty investment by any standard of case...


Peanut Fox

All of Silverstone's cases are like that.  They seem overpriced considering with their competition has to offer.  Looking back at the TJ07, it was selling well over 300 USD several years after it's release.  Though the big sale of that case was the modding aspect.  I don't see too much modding that can be done with this version, it's way too user friendly.  



I think the "user friendly" aspect was the whole point really...


The "no rivets" aspect alone means you can basically carve it down to individual parts and powder coat it how you want (if you want) and/or cut away things as you see fit.


For the price point, I'm still a bit on the fence, it has more room than a Fortress FT02, same 90 degree turn, and two 180mm fans (albeit AP181's) as opposed to the FT02's three 180mm fans pushing upward to ventilate the case.


I dunno, given that one could of course swap out two of the fans in the FT02 for about $50 to AP181's thus equalling the TJ11's pair and -STILL- coming in at about half the price...


If you're a hard-core water/liquid cooler, I can definitely see the advantage of the greatly increased space, and benefit of room for a second power supply, so the TJ11 has huge pluses in that regard, but I'm not entirely sold that its few, and very niche additional features over another one of their cases warrants a price over twice as much (from what I've seen in European retailers).


I'm not knocking it, it's a VERY good case, but it's price point is very hard to get around. In all actuality I could see it at $350, it'd still be a VERY big gulp from my perspective, but it would also be more in line with comparable cases and their benefits.



The audio for the second guy is so quiet that I had to turn the volume way up to hear him, only to be deafend by Gordon.



The quality of the video looks so much better when it's done in that room. The lighting is so much better this time.

As for the case, I also wonder if the cables on some power supplies would reach.


Keith E. Whisman

Nice case. I wonder if the PSU cables would reach everything though. I love the HDD cages and the cold air inlet for the verticle fans.



based on the orientation of the motherboard, the power supply may have to much cable that will need to be coiled up.  The ATX power connection will be sitting right about those big fans bc the peripheral cards will be vertical instead of the usual horizontal all due to the MB being mounted that way.

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