Sandy Bridge Won't Make Your LGA1366 Mobo Obsolete



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Don't feed the trolls.



I have a 1366 i7 920 CPU quad core sitting on a Rampage II extreme mobo and an ATI radeon 5870. The CPU is running at 3.2GHz. Anyone explain to me why I would WANT a built in GPU for a board that cannot use it? What would Sandy Bridge bring to me?



I don't mind their blue thing, but variety is nice, and this board, is gorgeous awesome. I want that in my Antec 1200 :p



Is that Gigabyte board real? Typically they're all blue. I hope this is true as GB makes amazing quality boards but blue is a turnoff for contemporary builders.




or Im a noob and didnt know that 1155 existed, last sentence.

I thought it was 1156







Woah, Gigabyte, you're all grown up. Look at that board. I want, I want.



That's a lot of heatsink for a motherboard.



Intel has stolen AMD ideas since the year 2000 or before...and I still say  dicreet componets are a better bet in the long run.  NEVER put all your eggs in one basket, isn't an old saying because it's ...wrong  ^^

When Intel get it's fiber link cr*p going  the CPU/GPU will immediately become obsolete. Deja Vu, anyone  :)



the CPU/GPU will immediately become obsolete.

Ever hear of a little thing called Dragon? Incorporating the CPU with the GPU and calling it an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit)?

Guess who? AMD



Obvious Troll is Obvious.

HEY EVERYONE PHENOM WILL BE THE GREATEST. It's monolithic compared to that Intel piece of CRAP called Core 2 Quad so it must be better.

Skip a few years later and all of a sudden Intel's copying. The only difference is that i7 procs stomp Phenom II in almost everything. I'm hoping that Bulldozer will fix some dents in AMD's lineup.

If you want to make yourself less obvious that you're a fanboy, you might want to get the AMD logo out of your avatar...



Intel was noticeably quiet about updates for its enthusiast LGA1366 platform, but officials did say that enthusiasts looking for the most cores possible should stick with LGA1366 and Gulftown-based chips which will continue to receive support well into 2011.

Looks like Intel is trying to pull an AMD and actually provide a little bit of an upgrade patch for their userbase, instead of alienating them every 6mo it seems!



Intel is fucking stupid.



That is a truly stupid comment.


I am platform agnostic. I've had both and always base my choice on performance. AMD has, most unfortunately been virtually stagnant for the last 5 or 6 years. They have not been able to make ANY real advances in that time and have only just kept their head above water. I am truly looking forward to see what AMD does with Bulldozer. It sounds like it has some real potential. Let's hope for their sakes that they show their consumers some tough love and come all out with Bulldozer new platform and all for the greatest possible performance. Then start a new era of backwards compatability. Right now they really need to do an all out push on the "next generation" AMD processors.


In the same period Intel has made advances in performance and efficiency virtually yearly it seems. It seems that every year has brought performance/efficiency gains and more efficient socket/chipset platforms tuned to their intended uses. Say what you want from the i5 760 up through i7 860 (or whatever) AMD cannot compare speed/efficiency wise. In only a few applications can the top hex core maintain a foot hold. Yes AMD is cheaper but you have to give up performance.

So if Intel is so "fucking stupid", how have they been able to accomplish all these gains? How have they been able to design and build the facillaties to produce all the things they do?

Note I am not going to be so ignorant as to say AMD is fucking stupid by any stretch of the imagination. If AMD was stupid they would never have beeen able to survive and continue to improve what they have. As I said I sincerely hope Bulldozer succeeds.

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