Samsung Claims They’ve Sold 1 Million Galaxy Tab’s



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Is there a reason Maximum PC doesn't seem go acknowledge any of the android tablets are are $200 or less?

For christmas I bought 2 cheapo ones for $150 each that are wi-fi only, but seem to work fairly well. I would rather use wi-fi anyway, I don't want to get stuck with another monthly fee.

I guess it isn't that "maximum" but $600 for a tablet that requires paying a monthly fee? No thanks, I'd take a netbook first.



I am surprised that they sold much of this overpriced tablet.  Its not worth $600.  There are better ones coming out for less price: Blackberry PlayBook ($499 or $399 depending on what you read); Archos 70 ($275-299; not the 7 series); Elocity A7 ($399); Viewsonic ViewPad 7 ($479).  The specs are the same or better than the Galaxy Tab.  I also used the Tab and was not impressed with it.  If it was $300 - $375, it would be priced right.



Notion Ink Adam > All. Hoping it'll ship by Christmas.



iPad. Great UI. Great responsiveness. Robust app market. I will definitely be getting an iPad 2 and jailbreak the first generation one I have now. What about a triple boot tablet with iOS, Android, and Windows 7? Or better yet, a duel screen tablet, with a different OS on each screen...



iPad. Overpriced. Underpowered. Horribly cluttered app store full of junk, most overpriced. No USB. No Flash. Yeah, I can see how you'd want two expensive pieces of crap. But I guess if you have nothing better to do with your money Stevie J could always use another private jet.



Not until they release a wi-fi only model running a tablet approved version of Android for a price no more than $350. Yeah, I know, I'm not holding my breath.



Yeah. What aviaggo said.

Here in Canada, the wifi/data plan version on no wireless plan is only a few bucks less than the Apple-taxed iPad of similar specs - while getting it on a Plan does not significantly drop its price, as would be the case with a smartphone. And, lest we forget, in North America, the smartphone aspect of the device has been disabled.

Granted, in comparison with the iPad, its got a micro-SD slot and an additional camera - but its also got a smaller screen and is running an open (read, not Apple-taxed) OS. Three years ago, $399 would have gotten you a 7" netbook with USB ports, SD port, a net cam, and an open - and fully functional - OS. Samsung would do well to not try and match Apple, but to compete with them.

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