Report: Intel's Sandy Bridge Platform Lousy for Overclocking



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Ohh I don't know.. I don't think overclocking is necessary or important anymore. There's so much speed available in today's chipsets we don't know what to do with it; other than throw bloatware at it!


Overclocking is a dying fad. There are other ways to spiff up your rig's performance!




Yeah, overclocking is not really necessary unless you are a hardcore gamer. You can get by with RAM upgrades that can make even a Core i7 "Bloomfield" CPU seem faster than the Core i7 "Sandy Bridge" CPU. The Core i7-920, Core i7-950, and Core i7-980X are great overclockers, though.


The Thing

I heard most Sandy Bridge CPUs are suppose to have unlocked multipliers like the current K-series or the Extreme Editions.  So basically, we're expected to overclock them with multipliers instead of BCLK.



I concur.  Overclocking will probably be through tweaking the Turbo Mode settings, which the "bins" in the picture are referring to.

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