Playstation 3 Firmware Update 3.41 Accidentally Bricks Consoles During Hard Drive Upgrades



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Sony = Apple?



issue is not upgrading new hard drive.  I did the latest update on Friday night to my original hard drive and now have same problem.  System hangs after signing on as user.  it tells me that I must install 3.41 or later version.  When I try to install it using safe mode and flash drive, it starts the process of installing it then kicks out and says no applicable data is found.

I called Sony as well and they first said they had never heard of the problem, put me on hold, then came back and said after researching it, they do have it as a known problem and are looking into it.  But they said they had nothing else to tell me and to try them back after 3 or so days.



Sounds like when I called Microsoft because Zune Player completely corrupted my video card. I read forums saying the player corrupted video drivers but unfortunately it attacked my video card directly and had to pay $500 for a new 7950GTX because Micro$oft said it was my own fault that their product screwed me over. Luckily my Alienware M7700's video can be replaced/upgraded unlike most laptops. This happened last fall too and the 7950GTX was the fastest video card this laptop can support and now I have it overclocked 25% to keep up with the big boys.



As someone who just chose the wrong time to shell out $60 for a new 500GB HDD, I have to say the worst thing about this issue isn't that the problem itself exists (these errors in firmware updates happen all the time,) but rather Sony's several days of stringent denial that there's a problem in the first place. It's been several days since the issue was first reported on Sony's official forums and we still have no word from Sony that the issue's been acknowledged and a fix is in progress. To add insult to injury, I called Sony's Support line earlier today and the man I spoke with was adamant that the 3.41 firmware update was *not* responsible. He kept insisting it "had" to have been a corrupt new HDD or a corrupt memory stick. 



Lovely... I've upgraded mine twice since I got my PS3. From the stock 60GB, to a 160Gb to a 320GB. Guess I won't be turning on my console until this is fixed...



or you know just don't download the update. I haven't updated in months since they stopped linux support.



The problem only seems to brick consoles that add a new drive and then apply the firmware from scratch.

I upgraded my PS3 to test and my upgraded drive still works fine.

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