PC Component Prices on the Decline



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like wow man. when can we expect the prices to drop on that hot mobo you used for this article. it looks so hight teck and new. The reason it doesnt have any SATA ports is because the Light Peak done replaced it huh



[/quote]but when asked about when these reductions would start being reflected in end user pricing Dell’s CFO Brian Gladden admitted it would probably take a few quarters for the price reductions to make its way through the supply chain [quote]


which in reality speak means we'll never see any price reduction unless the prices keep falling over those few quarters so if it rises 0.5%  during that time prices go up long before they go down



i am 100% sure this spam is making some of your viewers stay away.

i am one of them, i come and read some of the articals but as far as getting involved with your site like i used to, well the spam just makes it annoying.





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