Nvidia Unveils GPU Roadmap



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Is this a wishfull thinking road map? It clearly shows Fermi in 2009, which we all know didnt happen till mid way through this year. Based on this map compared to real life I am going to say Kepler at the start of 2013 and maxwell in 2015 :D I get tired of the garbage that Huang spews every time someone will listen. If Nvidia simply fired their CEO I would consider buying their products again.



Hopefully we will hear more.

I wonder if they will keep pushing PhysX.  It would be great to finally see this tech be put in all games (and without the huge framerate hit).



I remember reading back in 2008, I think, that nVIDIA was going to start using MIMD for their GPUs, what happened to that plan? As they said, it would bring their GPUs to the next level and leave ATi in the dust until ATi would come out with GPUs based on MIMD.



It will probaly still be power hungry and a room heater, not to say it won't be powerful, it has to or no one will buy it. I will keep my current gen as it plays them all at good detail and FPS. Looks like 2013 is my next true upgrade, cause I can buy the same vid card I have now and just sli them as it will be cheaper than upgrading.



I will bet that Kepler will make use of all Cuda cores, use less power and generate less heat. I am sticking with my GTX 285's untill Kepler is released. I will be that there will be more on this shown at CES.



Generate less heat than what? A pair of Pratt & Whitney J58 afterburning turbofan engines (used to power the SR-71)?  If so then yes. They will run cooler.


But if nVidia's previous line is anything to go by, I doubt that they'll run very cool. And nVidia will tell you to just live with it!



Dunno. Their previous few generations didn't have the overheating problems that Fermi came with. If they can just double back on that last generation of cards, they'll be fine.

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