Nvidia and AT&T Pull the Lid Off of “Project Denver” SuperPhone



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It doesn't matter if it's on AT&T. I don't use phones to talk anyways.



How many smartphones and tablets have been announced in the past year? This gimmick is getting old -- everybody leaps in with some revolutionary new feature, but in the end, almost none of them live up to their pre-launch hype.

1) Does it have wi-fi? If there's another rigged data plan forced on AT&T customers who own this phone, then it fails. The end.

2) 13.1-in notebook? Then what's the difference between this and a regular netbook? Performance? Doesn't seem like it...

3) The notebook dock is said to be very thin -- how thin? Like e-paper monitor and 1/2 in. thick keyboard thin? Or just a regular notebook size?

4) Battery.

5) Camera, customer support, phone UI, mod-ableness, maximum internet access speed... (not including wi-fi if they're smart enough to put it in there, so conventional 3G/4G/older service)



I tried to patent this concept when the first Android phone was released (it IS running a version of Linux after all) but because it was an improvement to an existing phone not one I created myself no patent for me... I took the home media server a step further and designed a dock system where you plug it in and boom! You have usb out ports, hdmi out, vga and dvi out, audio in and out, ect... just like a normal desktop. If the dock becomes universal across all phone platforms, then you could literally have your desktop in your pocket! (Kinda makes the cloud pointless) Take your phone to work or school, plug it in and there is your home desktop! It would run a copy of Android on the phone, plug it in and because you have wall power available, it automatically overclocks and runs a more desktop like version of the OS on the dvi, vga, or hdmi port...


I would have killed to be involved in this... Oh well! It sounds like they still have some improvements to get it to what I had in mind.



"then you could literally have your desktop in your pocket! (Kinda makes the cloud pointless)"

No, I'd say that that would make the cloud very benifical. Since when can you get multiple terabytes of storage space, or even hundreds of GB of storage space in flash memory for cheap?



The phone may be good, but AT&T's network is still craptacular.  Now, if they come out with a 4G LTE version on Big Red, I'll consider it.



AT&T is finally getting a high-end phone that isn't crap!  The days of noncompetition with the iPhone are over! Viva la revolucion!



The bootloader will be locked and the hardware will be underutilitized.  Do I need a "developer" computer to install a new OS?  Nope. 

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