No BS Podcast #155: The Alien Technology Edition



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Links of London

I’m delighted that I have observed this weblog. Finally anything not a junk, which we go through incredibly frequently. The website is lovingly serviced and kept up to date. So it need to be, thank you for sharing this with us.



Hey guys, I wanted to make a friendly correction regarding one caller's question about running a 4870 and a 4870x2 in CrossfireX. Apparently this feature was not *officially* supported by ATI, but is indeed possible, and works very well.

Here's a review in which testers paired a 1GB 4870x2 with a 512MB 4870 for TriFire:

It does indeed work, and apparently has been possible since the 3xxx series as well. Hopefully the caller reads this!

Anyways great podcast, loved the Star Wars bit.



"out the airlock"



This probably excludes me from the podcast, but there are probably less that five people who can get that question without googling it. And i looked through the pdf's and used the search funtion on the main page and didnt find it so i know you have never used it before in publication.


Keith E. Whisman

Dude it was on google. You just had to look really good for it.


Keith E. Whisman

You guys never stated what the due date was for the contest. When is the drawing or the date that the last submission can be made.




Let me explain what is going to happen, In StarWars Ep4 the only 3d you are going to see is the part with Leia requesting obiwans help via R2D2.

And I give you StarWars in 3D!




I have said the same thing since I have started reading comics...

Apparently, comic writer Frank Miller thought the same thing we did.

I didn't have the means to scan the page from the comic, but someone else was nice enough to scan it:

THe fact that Batman is drinking lemonade is priceless


Cool Podcast as always  Guys keep it up.(Good work, Andy)



You guys really need to do the podcast more often. You guys don't understand how happy I am everytime I see that there is a new episode up.

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