No BS Podcast #148: The Astonishing Maximum PC Podcast



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They should put you in charge of the podcast links.


Dick Motorman

new ones live baby



Ever since the podcast (the one from the guys at Stardock) went bye-bye, the Max PC podcast has been my favorite. I love the "witty banter", and of course my very favorite part is Gordon's rant. I hope you guys never stop!

But, one podcast per week is hardly enough for me, so does anyone know of a tech podcast that is similar to Max PC? Something with the same great goofy humor while still disseminating useful information?



I must say that while I enjoy all of the staff's input on the podcast Gordon is the best replacement for Will as the host.

Thanks Gordon.


BTW where did Katherine go? I liked her contributions to the podcast (not in a stalker way).  



Anyone been able to dowload the cast using the rss feed? I keep getting errors.



nope. I have been trying with my phone (wm 6.5) and it keeps saying that the file is corrupt. I can d/l other podcasts just fine..weird I say!

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