The Next Starcraft II Episode is at Least 18 Months Off



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Blizzard makes the most dramatic storyline in the gaming industry, and nobody comes close to their perfection. After each turn of the story line, I actually sit and think for a while. Not many games provide that kind of drama. Starcraft one was the master piece, red alert II came close to challenging that but it could never compete with the compelling storyline and perfectly balance races that so different yet so equal when used properly. I haven’t even finish the single player yet but I am looking forward for the expansion set. I won’t even mind if they charge $60 for Zerg campaign and another $60 for campaign for Protose campaign. To think about it, how many games can compete with Starcrat? Any interesting game titles that can compete with start craft coming out in 18 months ? I don’t think so.  



personally I don't care too much as Starcraft has always been about online play.  I actually was hoping this was the one and only starcraft 2 game since I won't have to worry about learning new units and etc.  I heard that for world of warcraft, the expansions come every 2 years or something like that.



That kind of bums me, though we waited so long for Starcraft II in the first place. Completed the single player missions. Maybe I'll replay through them and make difference choices and see how it plays through. Haven't tried mulitplayer as of yet. 



It is disappointing to hear that we will have to wait a year and a half for anymore single player content/  multiplayer units. However, Blizzard is very talented at what they do and if they need to spend a year and a half on each part of the trilogy, I will will gladly wait for the impressive results.

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