Next Generation SD Card Standard Should Triple Speeds by 2012



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Well I'm glad they will  be backwards compatible, because I already half four readers plus the slot in my main laptop, and would NOT look forward to replacing all those.


SD cards between 4 and 8 gigs have already largely replaced optical disks for me in day to day operation. Load an ISO onto one, or back info off to one (Heck, I havbe three different live CD images on some of em now, Mint, Chromium, and BackTrack41) and I definitely appreciate faster speeds... because frankly, the current generation of el cheapo class 2 and 4 cards are frustratingly slow at times. I wish that manufacturers would work on bringing those costs down in current SDHC cards first when, as listed, we've not even really tapped the potential of SDHC (or the upcoming XC). I mean, I love the one Class 10 SD card I have as my readyboost/junk box drive... but I'm not in a place I can justify throwing down 40 bucks on another one when I can get a sandisk class 2 for ten bucks.


Keith E. Whisman

That sounds great. These things are the Hard Drives of our smart phones and now tablets, so I'm glad we are seeing innovation in this segment. Awesome. 

With speeds such as these, perhaps we can expect to see PCIExpress cards loaded up with 4 to 8 SD Cards in a su-do raid array. Perhaps you can get enough storage for your music collection or something like that. I've got 120Gigs of music and it would be awesome to take them off my small 320Gig Laptop HDD and put them on a large and speedy SD card or an array of SD cards. And SD Cards would be perfect for storing entertainment files because you usually only write them to the card once but you read them a lot. Because you wont be writing all that often to these cards, they should stay speedy and last a very very long time. 

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