News Flash: BitTorrent Serves Up Illegal Content



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ViewCave ( is an online film distribution company offering all its content in streaming, progressive downloads and bit-torrent internationally. All of our content is available for free to international viewers in an ad-supported manner. All our content is available via bit-torrent from our site. We are in the process of uploading several hundreds of feature films this month plus more of the type of content already being distributed online. 

We have developed patent pending technology that enables us to control video data files playability on a territory by territory basis as well as to add geo-targeted non-obtrusive streaming ads to pre-downloaded video torrent files. We are aware that some bit-torrent sites are spreading our content without our permission, but we don't really care since we still retain absolute control over all those video files no matter where or how they are being spread and if we allow playback due to licensing rights (typically all videos have territorial licenses), we monetize those views.

Bit-torrent is used to distribute files online; whether or not the files are legally or illegally transmitted due to copyright infringements is a separate issue. We must not confuse the technology with its usage which may or may not be legal. In the same way that a bank can be used to deposit or send money legally earned or otherwise.

Come watch great <a href="">free online movies</a> at ViewCave.




For instance, blizzard and other software companies distribute their copyrighted downloads through bittorrent. It is also legal to download a copy of any software or media you own or have license too for personal use. You can also torrent copyrighted Windows ISOs that still need a legitimate key to use so you can replace a lost windows disk. These studies are silly pointless excersises in trying to quantify the amount of illegal bittorent to push legal action. I'm sure that a large portion of bit torrent downloads are illegal but there is no way to accurately quantify the amount of downloads that are illegal so they try the next best thing that will get their study more publicity, the amount of copyrighted downloads.



Another problem with this study is that it only looked at 1000 torrents... of course the most popular are going to be illegal... but in addition to this issue they don't seem to consider other factors.  Copyright works differently in a lot of different countries... and that makes those torrents legal for those in those countries.  There are a bunch of things that would be illegal if I downloaded them in the US... but if I'm doing it in Canada its perfectly acceptable because the copyright has lapsed in this country.  This study is bogus in so many ways.


Talcum X

On a side note....I gotta get me one of those skull buttons for my KB!



In other news, water is wet, ice is cold, Oxygen is required to breathe, and the Earth is round!


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Waiting for Mark17 to comment :P



While I rarely use bit torrents, in the times I have trolled through them, it is obvious the majority of them are illegal. So, are we really suprised by this? Using them properly, they are extremely beneficial. Unfortunately in this case it IS the majority that give this tool a bad name.



This study has been proven wrong.  For example, the study claims there are just over 1 million torrents on the internet.  The OpenBitTorrent Tracker alone has 2.5 million torrents.

To back this up, we only have to take a look at isoHunt. According to isoHunt their site indexes 5,451,959 unique torrent files, and 85,457 of these come from Jamendo, a site that publishes only Creative Commons licensed music. So that’s already 1.5% torrents that can be shared legally, without mentioning any Linux distros.

You can get more details here:




Your link is interesting.  This "study" appears to be just another effort to mislead the American public.  I suspect, though, that while the numbers may be incorrect torrents are primarily used for illegal downloads as suggested.

It would be nice if someone would honestly provide the real numbers but I won't hold my breath.  Dishonesty has become the norm in America today.



haha. This is an interesting topic but all I can think about is your math.

3 in 1000 is 0.03%?

0.3% dude.





I think they mean .03% of the "11 percent was suspect at best" which WOULD come out to 3.3 torrent files.
.03% of 11% of 1000
(1000 * .11) * .03 = 3.3

Anyway, YOUR math is wrong.

3 / 1000 = .003

1000 * .3 = 300 (as you say the answer is)
1000 * .03 = 30 (as it looks like they say it is)



your math is worse than theirs: 0.03% = 0.0003, 0.3% = 0.003 = 3/1000



You apear to be correct. I TOTALLY missed the % signs and was focusing just on the numbers :P I guess I will have to pay more attention in the future.



In an entirely unrelated topic, that keycap is the same key cap used for cherry mx switches.Specifically, that cap comes on the deck legend keyboard as a replacement cap and is doubleshot injection molded. I am currently using it as my escape key.


As for the story, yeah, the amount of illegal content that flows through all p2p networks is disgusting, but that is what happens when you give people the option.Most people would rather choose free over payed, and of course that all depends on the end users needs.For instance I would rather purchase my cds because of the audio quality over some idiots 120 kb/s rip of classical music. While others would be just fine with that, thus the more suitable option for them is to just download it.


As for the statement about the lack of legal files, there are two reasons why many legal torrents don't make it through trackers. One, most of them are already hosted on websites such as or that other "legal torrents" website, and chances are just weren't factored in because of the over volume of illegal torrents. Two, most public domain stuff can just be downloaded without having to worry about whether or not there are enough seeders. So why use a torrent for it?


Zachary K.

sure it is mostly used for evil, but it is also a great tool for distributing legal files without the need for some huge, expensive server. its the no good pirates that give this great tool a bad name.

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