New SandForce SF-2000 Controller Adds 6Gb/s SATA Support



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Bullwinkle J Moose

Ever wonder why the read/write speeds listed on a Vertex Box are different from the speeds listed at Newegg or the speeds listed in reviews

Ever test the actual speed of a Vertex 2 on an XP Machine?

Ever wonder what the actual amout of data per second that can be copied to a Vertex or Vertex 2 from "THE SAME DEVICE" (Copy from one location and paste to another on the same drive?)

I did and the results are horrible

In a worst case scenario, using a lowly Atom computer and XP Pro without ANY speed tweeks done to a Vertex 2, here are the results>

Copy and paste 200MB of data (919 files / 81 directories) from a Vertex 2 to the same drive takes 55.87 seconds

Copy and pasting the same exact files on a 5400RPM Western Digital Laptop drive takes 54.94 seconds

Copy and paste the same files to and from the same 7200RPM Western Digital Desktop drive takes 15.50 seconds

The result is that a 7200RPM Desktop drive is 3.6 times faster than a Vertex 2

and, a 5400RPM laptop drive is just a bit faster than a Vertex 2 in REAL WORLD usage!

You should ALWAYS test your SSD drives in a REALWORLD usage situation where hardware compression is irrelevant (Such as Audio/Video Workstations) and in worst case scenarios to get a feel for its actual speed under actual workloads

Then go buy a hard drive!





Two days AFTER I get my OCZSSD2-2VTX100G.  Still, cannot wait to see these in production!



I don't know whether I want one of these or an Intel X25-M G3...

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