New iPods Get Torn Down



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Keith E. Whisman

The captcha is just like gun control, it just doesn't work...



Hey guys what is going on ??? I've never seen so much spam before . After you forced us to use new captcha you've been bombarded with more spam . Obviosly it doesn't work , so why not to use something else ? I'm sick and tired to go read comments and filter out what is legit and what is not . Please do something about it until you have readers .



Because they used another service and it actually kept YOU from posting anything longer than 5 words basically because it saw it as spam. The comment you just made now, would have been flagged as spam, wiped out, causing you to start over. LOL, it was funny though, 20 comments all with 10 words or less and hardly made any sense!


Keith E. Whisman

Hey the Ipod Touch has shields! Awesome! Copper shields.



Is there a reason that the links, for 2 of the 3 open at the end of the article instead of the begging?


Keith E. Whisman

I'm no expert but I am in a college English 101 class and therefore I should be able to correct his sentence.

Replace "that" with "why", get rid of that comma after links, add a comma after "3", and change "begging?" to "beginning?".

So, it should be written as follows;

Is there a reason why the links for 2 of the 3, open at the end of the article instead of the beginning?

Actually looking at it now, I think you can get rid of the comma altogether as follows;

Is there a reason why the links for 2 of the 3 open at the end of the article instead of the beginning?

There looks and sounds much better. It seems there should be a pause in there somewhere, but with a comma, it just doesn't look right. 

Perhaps you should spell out the numbers instead of using the numerals.



What are you begging for?



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