Motorola Sends Out Cease-And-Desist Notices to Sites Offering Early Droid X Froyo Updates



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Yeah, but you own the phone, and the OS is open source, so anyone can compile it.  So you can delete it and replace it with whatever you want.  From the takedown it looks like they used motorola's keyboard, but that is easily replaced.



This is just bad PR on moto's part. Plain and simple!



I am sick an tired of geeks that think that they can do anything they want. The law is the law and like it or not Motorola OWNS the software as it is released on these phones. Sorry but that's the law. It's the same thing that I own my house and anyone that breaks in will be full of bullet holes when I'm done with them.



Motorola owns Android OS? wtf are you talking about? As someone said, Android OS is open source.



i believe the problem is that while android may be open 

motoblur is not

and since the is for droid x

it is unfortunately included in the linked file on mydroidworld



So far as I'm concerned, once I purchaae something, it's really mine to do with as I see fit.  This overreach by equipment and software manufacturers is just getting out of hand.  These SOBs would sell your information for a penny to some spamster.  I see no need to extend to them any more courtesy than they extend to me.





I haven't used a Motorola handset in a good 12 years (nor have I use Nokia either), and it looks like this trend is going to continue. besides, I'm replacing my HTC Magic w/a Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant.


I wonder what will happen in a day or two...



I'm pretty sure it had something to do with jailbreaking iphones and something like this seems like it would be covered under the same precedent.



As nice as they appear, if this be how it is, 'tis time to go back to ignoring Moto products.



And there goes the little openness that was left in Android.



Im still going to use it however I want. The thing thats changed for me is that Motorola wont be a possible phone manufcaturer to purchase a phone from come upgrade time.


Keith E. Whisman

I would just ignore it and keep it up. They can prove what they are doing isn't illegal and isn't infringing on any copy rights. 

I'd reply as friendly as possible and tell them that I'm not breaking any laws or infringing on any copy rights and would be willing to mediate with them at their expense at a neutral location. And guess what, you'll never hear from Motorolla again. Your basically calling their bluff and being reasonable as well. They'll be viewed as the bad guy in my opinion if they pushed the case to court. 

Besides the cease and desist order isn't an order at all. All orders that have any meaning at all will have a Judges signature on it. This is just a letter from motorolla requesting they disable access to certain items on their website. I'm certain Motorolla doesn't want court with the recent law changes. 

If I want to I can build an Android distro and distribute it to any Motorolla customer I want. Because it's got Motorolla's name on it doesn't make it Motorolla property. No necessarily anymore. Welcome to open source and linux Motorolla. Live with it or be hated by the community. It's not like Motorolla owns the Android market. 



wait didn't they just change the DMCA to make this legal?



Didn't take long for Linux to go mainstream before the people making money off of it forgot that the community that used it did so because they could do whatever they wanted to with it.



Yeah I think too many people misinterperet the word 'free' when regarding Linux (and therefore Android.)


They think free as in $0.  What it is, is free as in free speech.  Linux is free to distribute and modify and all that good stuff.  Hardware makers like moto are going to have to accept that mainstream linux users are using it for that purpose... not to piss of MS or whatever but to have the freedom to do whatever they want on the software.


I wish there was better education about what FOSS, GNU, and Linux all stand for regarding this.

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