Maximum PC First Look: NZXT Phantom



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Thank you for the review. I think a bit more lighting in the room/on the product would help.






Our times require different approaches to getting content out there. This presentation was decent. Not as in-depth as I would have prefered but it is a current form of communication. The videos can only get better with time, once they get a formula.

While print is still very important, millennials - their target audience probably, resonds differently to video content then other generations do. I applaud MaxPC for this approach and other activities like the Podcast.

I would have preferred a preview of the Lab!




Couldn't you move the camera a little further away from the product?  I hated the way the item I wanted to look at filled up almost a whole quarter of the screen.  Often from the wrong angle.


I did appreciate that you were careful to keep the reviewer -- the most important element of the review who I desperately need to see -- fully in the frame at all times


Truly a tour de force of prodcut presentation!



nothign al ittle practice wont fix. i wasn't a really good shooter and editor until a good amount of practice. A+ for effort and initiative, it will only get better.

as for the case, i was anticipating this one but im glad i jumped the gun and got the nzxt hades (based on max pc's case roundup from a while back). it was a pain in the butt for me cause its my first new case in like 5 years so the configuration was a tad funky. long story short, im super happy with the end result, great airflow, huge fantastic controlled fans, great cable management, not too huge or bulky...hits that sweet spot for me.




These guys are journalists not TV stars. I appreciate the fact that they even give the extra effort to make a video. Their reviews are spot on in their magazine and represent the Maximum PC label well. The fact that they uncomfortably stand in front of the camera at all is a plus.

Stephen King writes well but the dude cannot act his way out of a wet paper bag.  I don't hold that against him as an author.

Remember, the only reason they are even doing this is because we asked them to. We asked for simple clips. We wanted to peek into their lab and they let us. now we're frakkin directors/producers? These posts never cease to amaze me... 

Keep up the good work guys, enjoy is very entertaining.  and Gordon, keep dropping those F bombs bro. 



I agree wholeheartedly! I like that these videos are gritty and real. This is a bunch of guys (and gals) who love PCs. I can relate to that.



Thanks for the case preview, looking forward to reading the review.  I like the short format teaser preview idea, keep it up.


the hapless gamer

Would it have hurt to give some closeups  of the case?  Nice big fans though


Keith E. Whisman

Please try to treat these videos as if you are giving a professional presentation to perspective investors or corporate customers. Would high lever executives be impressed with your presentation (hardware review)? 

It takes time and lots of input from critics. 

Please don't let the video out if you don't think it kicks ass. You do have something to prove here. Your representing something special, your representing MaximumPC. Your showing how talented the MaximumPC staff is by showing that you can and do produce a top notch magazine and professional video reviews.



Every comment you leave on here is bashing the MaxPC editors. Go to another site if they don't live up to your standards. These sites are free jerkoff. I appreciate when they add content, even if doesn't look as professional as a big-budget production. Let me guess, you don't subscribe to their mag either? Whine when they make this a pay site. Til then, shut you trap douche.

MaxPC editors, block Keith's account. He is only here to bring you down. He is the Alpha-Troll, and needs to be put in his place. I will troll him back for you. No thanks necessary.


Keith E. Whisman

Actually, I have only been a critic of the videos and made suggestions on how to make them better. How is that bashing?

I do indeed subscribe to MaximumPC. 

I am a long time subscriber.

I am not a troll, in fact I stand 6'3" Tall.

Not once in any of the videos have I told them they stink. I haven't picked on them, not once. I merely made suggestions. This is a computer enthusiast magazine website, they expect critical reading and constructive criticism as part of their job.

Since you are going out of your way to attack me, then it would seem more logical that it is you that is the Alpha-Troll. The guy in the asylum that complains that he is sane and everyone else is crazy. 

So you as a subscriber can't handle the fact that I, a big fan and subscriber of MaximumPC, is posting constructive criticisms? I'm not attacking them, I'm not calling them names, I'm not telling them they stink, and I'm not bashing them. 

I will continue to be a critic and there is nothing you can do to stop me. If you want a flame war on every article that I post to, well I'd be happy to. But remember this is what you want and not what I want. I just don't back down from a fight, whether it be a confrontation or a juvenile internet flame war. 


Keith E. Whisman

I know you guys are working hard on these videos and plz don't get offended but I have some suggestions.

Please do some rehearsals, practice pointing and manipulating the hardware while looking at the camera. Try not to take your gaze off the camera. Like the news guy. The news guy is standing in front of a large blue screen and points at different parts of the screen without taking his eyes off the camera. 

When your talking in these videos you are actually talking directly to your audience on a one on one basis. When your talking to someone do you stair at different things or do you give your attention to the person your talking to?

So in the videos you have to look at the camera at least 99.9% of the time. So just rehearse and rehearse your video before you hit the record button so that you can confidently manipulate your subject while looking at the camera most of the time.


I want that tower case. You didn't mention it but I figured I would ask, that round vent on the side panel above the two 12CM fans looks like a perfect place to install a 24CM fan, is that what that vent is for?



This would have been better if you had more angles to supplement what you were referring to.



wow that was a horrible you tube review, and so is that case, long live the tempest, the best case NXZT ever made



Just sayin... 

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