Maximum PC First Look: New BIOS Interface From Asus



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Thanks Asus! I've always envisioned something like this in the early 2000's. And it's about time something like this already happened. It's hard to grasp why BIOs screens/UI looks the same today as it was 10-15 years ago when other parts of the computer system has changed so drasticly over the years.



I miss a feature in all BIOS or EFI allowing to boot from ISOs stored at pendrives or hdds.


of course you can do it with GRUB/BURG, but each distro or OS has its own way of booting


A feature that would mount ISO images - better if it is copied to a virtual RAM disk -

would make fast as hell to install any OS or to run any repair distro.


I think it would be easy to implement an ISO /HDD/FLASH reader from the BIOS/EFI and

that this "reader "would support open source hdd/flash formats as ext2/3/4 & btrfs

and propietary disk formats as FAT & NTFS if MS allows it


This feature should read the first boot disk if it is has not a MBR looking for *.ISO images

and display a menu with all of them if there are several.


I will upgrade my BIOS or buy my next motherboard with this amazing feature I do not why nobody has implemented it yet. 



but what happened to all the talk about uefi bios loading much faster than the old bios?


everyone seems to have dropped that bullet point.  does that mean it won't happen?


Zachary K.

oh wow, asus is bringing sexy to the bios.

edit: i hear cell phone interferance. lol, thought it was mine and moved it to the other side of the room.



Drools, I wish I could use it now on my computer.



Great overview. I can't wait to see this at CES this week. Also, Gordon, you always ask the questions we want answers to. Thanks.

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