Maximum Interview: 50Gb/s Silicon Photonics Within Reach



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Please stop with this practice.  I think you should be charged a fee for this.  dick head!!!



Good one Gordon.


Keith E. Whisman

You don't need a tripod but you do need a steady stick to keep your video from looking like a Joker video from the last Batman movie. 

Capture the subjects Head and upper torso to get the subjects body and hand language.

Use a record trigger so you can start and stop recording in an instant so you can change subjects without getting the audience sea sick. A news room has different cameras, one is pointed at the interviewer and the other at the subject being interviewed. When the interviewer is asking a question the camera on him is active. When the subject being interviewed is answering an interview question, the camera records him. 

So squeeze the record trigger once your focused on the speaking subject, when your transitioning to another subject be sure to release the trigger until the transition is done. Put a record light on the camera so the subject knows that the camera is recording and knows to start speaking. Doing things the way you are is just getting people sick.

So remember, steady camera, list of interviewer questions with preplanned elaborative questions so the camera doesn't have to keep going back and forth every second. 

Basically, ask a question, receive the full answer, then ask another question, receive full answer. Don't go back and forth like a conversation. These are just my recommendations after watching the first movie.



Dude, you ever try to shoot video when you are wall to wall with backs, knees, and elbows? Even a monopod would be tough in that press of people. As for better framing, that would mean BACKING UP, impossible. Scripts? You have to be kidding! This is not Hollywood, its trying to grab information that is straight from a R and D guy at a packed showroom floor. To hell with the quality, its all about the information.

PS my old company, Agilent, has their scopes being used for the waveforms. I was in cal and repair so I saw the calibration stickers first. Heh.



That Intel is looking 2015-2020 with thier tech.


Wonder what thier processor/mobo plans look like that far in the future


Bullwinkle J Moose

switchable ssd's built into passively cooled motherboard/cpu combinations

If the SSD goes bad, switch it off and use a external drive

or maybee graphics cards with built in ssd's sharing bandwith on the next gen pci bus

who knows

I just want a wireless lcd display with built in mouse/keyboard capeability and run my rig from anywhere in the house

crisis on the can

now there's a headline






It would seem that the reason they havent supported USB3.0 is because they would rather replace it with their own technology based on this Light Peak kind of stuff. It may be faster in the end but its going to set back the newsest generation of high speed peripheral device busses by at least 6 years. If they supported USB 3.0 now the market would just begin to see a fuller amount of USB3.0 device market saturation by the time their light peak was coming on line.



BTW my CAPTCHA for this post was "technical wompeng"



This is NOT light peak! Completely different horse. Google Light peak and you will immediately see the difference.



Agreed, it would seem intel is hedging their bets with a possible future outcome being a proprietary product they can more thoroughly control (lightpeak).   This is not a new business practice for them though. 

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