Maximum First Look: ViewSonic ViewPad 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab



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When I first saw the Viewsonic tablet posted I thought it mentioned the plans to be dual boot with Andriod and Win7.  I'm taking that got scrapped?  Never thought it would make it to production this soon anyway.



good review.


"losers parade". lol.



Meh. Quick thoughts-

~Too much talking, too little screen time!

~You should have the camera looking DOWN on the screen, not have it 5 feet away and filming diagonally 

~Talk more about physical aspects (You might have near the end, but I didnt watch half of it because it got a little boring)

~Anyways, keep doing these videos. I like gordon's videos the best, he should be in the majority of them

~Also, PLEASE make the podcast more often! Its almost once a month for an episode, it drives me insane! :D



Cool review, the Galaxy Tab is definitely the better choice here. The lag when viewing webpages on the View sonic was gross! it would been cool to also see a breakdown of battery life under comparable scenarios such as watching video,  web browsing, listening to music - you know a real life break down.

It would be really nice to see a demo of the Adam from Notion Ink, it looks really slick and based on its specs it should be able to process web pages, video and games like a trooper. Also, its got a big Display like the Ipad and close to native 720P playback (Not via HDMI), dual core processor, mutiple screen modes for different uses such as an ereader and the list goes on. This seems like a more reasonable competition in the Tablet market and it would be nice to see you guys play with it and not just the developer.




Ditch: I'll do battery rundown tests for the full reviews (which I'm working on this weekend). As for the NotionInk Adam, the countdown clock is running down, so hopefully we'll have something to report soon!

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