Lenovo's Notebook Shipments to Skyrocket in 2011



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Keith E. Whisman

Shit, why aren't they the biggest consumer now? China has a population that is more than half the worlds human population. Of 6billion people on Earth some 3+ billion speak Chinese as their native language. The USA has a population of roughly 600million if that and yet we out pace China. The numbers just don't make sense but who cares. I'm just glad to see the worlds largest Communist country turn into a Democratic Republic and if you doubt that then your not paying attention. Right now China has a motto, One country, two governments. The Chinese people are at their happiest then they have been since WW2. The different churches of the world have invaded China and the people are starting to realize that they are human and have desires and want to better themselves. 

Hell China has allowed the Christian bible into the country. I remember when I was younger that people were sent to prisons just for being caught with a bible in China, now there are churches all over China. There are even Chinese Jews.

So keep the Chinese articles coming, it's a great time to be alive, it's like watching the Soviet Union fall apart all over again, only much slower.



Hey and don't forget these laptops were made in China too...



 There are so many companies predicting "GREAT THINGS" for this year, next year, next decade. For instance, I wonder how well the MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of sales of 3D TVs are doing from all those rosy predictions from SONY, Pany, Toshiba, and the rest ealier this year. heh. Only 3 months to go guys!



http://www.maximumpc.com/user/zizi6 Can you admins get rid of this fool?

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