Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 for PC Will Receive a Free DLC Campaign on October 5th



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I've been wanting a new campaign for awhile now. Can't wait to finish the comic tomorrow and download the new content!



L4D1 was 20 times the game l4d2 was when it came out but Valve slaughtered it the nerfed all of the infected damage they removed the added damage from pouncing people while on fire and broke all custom server mods with useless updates that didn't need to happen. They also removed the instant kill pulls that were fucking great and realistic. Basically L4D went from the best game I have played in a while to a noob friendly POS and that's when the community died long before they released l4d2. But the biggest complaint I have is the stupid fucking perspective on l4d2 I don't hold guns an inch from my face while running around valve you need to fix that stupid shit. Valve releases too many fucking updates for games and it is really starting to piss me off sure you can add levels but don't fuck with the core mechanics of a perfectly fine game. Anyone else on here play l4d from the beginning and notice this as well?



Looks like this campain finally answers the question of how Bill died in the 'Passing the torch' campain (I forget it's title) for L4D2 where you get to meet Louis, Francis and Zoey.

Oh this looks to be so fun. L4D1 team with L4D2 weapons and stuff! awesome-sauce!



I Jedi

That's quite interesting that L4D 1 is getting a DLC update. I thought that game was dead and abandoned by all hands a long time ago.I knew there was a community uproar at the announcement of L4D 2, and that the community demanded more content be released for L4D after L4D 2 came out; however, I thought Valve came out with one DLC map for it, and never visited the game again.

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