Leaked Version of Office 15 Suggests Microsoft is Working on a new Application called “Lime”



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In my country, the word "lime" is used to refer to a gather of people to have fun.  We "lime" at a bar.  We go see a movie then go "liming" afterwards.  We have "after work limes".

Given that MS has a very strong presence here, maybe it's a collaborative app that is easy to use and fun.  Maybe a step up from Google Gear.

Maybe it'll include all the multimedia doo-dads to help collaborations; whiteboards, realtime editing of MS Office docs, and voice and video chat - but to the next level (level 11).



It might be a code name. Office is known to be a serious application so I doubt any application in the Office suite will be dubbed "Lime."

As to what I think it is; it may be a way to do presentations within a workgroup (P2P) on a LAN or over the net. I assume it may be P2P as they might have drawn inspiration from Limewire (only by name and attributes). It's mere speculation though.



My sources have told me that it may be a replacment too Microsoft Office Picture Manager.



Cloud Storage


Keith E. Whisman

MS Office 15 Margarita (Alcoholics Edition).

Party down with the latest installation of MS Office. MS Office 15 is so great you'll be producing professional presentations, even as your high as a kite on crystal and cheap Mexican mixed drinks. (and I love Margaritas)

Really I hope MS can come up with a compelling reason why the world needs anything more than updates for MS Office 2010. 



With the push towards artificial intelligent voice control, I think it will be a natural language interface.

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