Kinect Hack Makes Super Mario Even Harder Than You Remember



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kiddcreole99 apparently I have to point out the obvious possibility that this is just a hoax. While the kid in the video certainly seems to be controlling the game via the Kinect, there is nothing showing that there isn't a buddy sitting off to the side with the old Nintendo controller and is following his friends body movements with the appropriate D-pad/A-button entries.

There is no explanation of which body movements control which aspects of the game. We are just to assume that the kid running in place means Mario runs. In some cases, the kid steps left or right to make Mario move in that other cases, he runs in place. Just seems a little questionable to me.



You will be missed



It didnt look that hard. The kid just sucked at it. I for one would love to try it.



Did you really just criticize Microsoft and the Kinect for not working well on a game that is over 20 years old and was never intended for?  I understand your point that there are some weaknesses in the Kinect as an input method but I don't think it was ever intended to be used for every game developed for the X-box.  Also, the Kinect was just released, I'm sure even Microsoft has a lot still to learn about how to get the most out of it, let alone the teenager in the video.



Seems like a good way to get exercise!

I've seen a few Kinect hack videos... none of them have anything to do with gaming, but all have been very cool.



I would love to see an fps with kinect. Have it register the orange tip of a toy gun, and a small led light set up to the triger to show when you fire. I think it could work better then wii fps games since you can loose controlers completely.



That advertising is not allowed, but then again, it's probably a scam anyway!

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