Kindle vs. iPad – Screen Technology Compared at 375x Magnification



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I just finished up my first ebook on an iPad. I was pleasantly surprised. Knowing how tiring it is to constantly stare at a standard LCD monitor, I didn't have high expectations for the iPad's LCD screeen as an e-reader. My expectations were exceeded and I will be purchasing more ebooks on the iPad.

Now, I can't tell you how much better or worse it is than an e-ink reader, since I haven't used one. I also don't sit down to read for hours on end. I'm a casual reader and the most I read on the iPad was a little over an hour. I didn't notice any fatigue or eye strain, certainly no more that reading a real paper book.

For the casual reader, unless you have specific eye strain issues, I don't see the iPad as being a notably inferior choice to an e-ink reader. E-ink is still pretty cool technology though.



 I too can easily read for an hour at a time on an LCD screen. I am not by any means a casual reader tho, averaging a book every other day. After about another 30 minutes on an LCD screen my eyes start to dry out, a headache forms and I am ready to quit. E-Ink is truly as readable as a book, better in some respects. I can read it all day (or all night depending on the book!). That is why I stick to E-Ink readers.





I wish you had labeled the pictures to tell us where each sample came from (iPad, Nook, etc.). It's not clear at all which sample pertains to which product.


Mister Friendly

This is a non article with a link to a proper article that, apparently, you couldn't parse or comprehend well enough to summarize into something like a point. 



 Now I would asume that MPC would have the ability to get their hands on these devices, yes? And that several people in the office actually like to read books, yes? So grab a device and sit down and read a book through in ONE sitting with each of the devices. This isn't gene splicing here...

 When someone or some people DO this, I would assume that (he/she/they) will find out why the Kindle has sold millions of readers and books. The Kindle is easier to read for a long sitting. There is a REASON why the E-Ink started the E-Book revolution y'know.

  So any volunteers? Me, I just spent 4 hours last night reading a book on my SONY 505 Reader. So I already know the answer to this question.

  As for reading a book on a cell phone, good luck. I can watch movies on mine, but frankly the TV is slightly better.


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